September 13, 2014

Mix It Big

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MixItBigWhat happens when you add infinite scroll and Mix It Shuffle to a gaming site, well you have MixItBig a feature brought to you by Y88.in that allows you to shuffle through the 28,000 odd games like a pack of cards. The MixItBig button appears at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and allows you to continuously add games to the mix by scrolling downwards.

If you take into account the recent innovations brought to you on Y88.in including SocialDJ the youtube mixer, Mix It to rank game order and now MixIt Big to leverage infinite scroll in Mixing behavior, you’d conclude that were on a ‘mixing roll’.

This fun feature which treats games like a pack of cards allows you to ruffle through the games and have fun watching all the games rolling by. This gives you the player a train window view into the wide spectrum of games available on Y88.in , it also eases you and relieves you of the task of searching and finding the right game of choice to play.

The technology aspect of this mashup is actually the fusing of three Jquery technologies, the first by Paul Irish that allows you to scroll infinitely the second by Dessandro that arranges the games like a mason lays bricks and the third by kunkalabs that sorts , ranks and animates the mixing effect.

If you take into account the advanced game tagging feature that destroys itself when misused then you’d say…were having fun bringing you the latest in technology to make your free game more fun.

July 4, 2014

SocialDJ launched 1 hour ago

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SocialDJ mix your youtube music videos

The app that allows you to mix upto 165 youtube videos and 1000 mixes  for continuous listening pleasure and social sharing SocialDJ just released an hour ago. A Y9i.com baby, this app is a debut  and features multi mobile video streaming. The app is free to use and can be used to accumulate your favorite music.

SocialDJ is inherently a facebook app thats supported by a larger backend – the Y9i.com media gaming portal. So once you mix your music and post your DJ note..the music mix is available to the Y9i.com thereby shareable on social networks. The app sports a mixer with a shuffle feature that enables you to make variants of mixes.

Once mixed your mix becomes public permanent authored by you…you may take any available mix and ‘Grind’ it into its components thus achieving the reverse process of music playlist mixing.

The process begins with a search wherein you search for your favorite music artist , song or video and socialDJ gives you platter spread of videos that match your search. Thereafter you need to only click on the videos of your choice or drag them into the mixer… and arrange them in the order that you want your music to play. Arranging is simply a matter of left to right top to bottom priority…so it doent matter if youve not made a perfect matrix of songs or videos as long as one is to the left of the other or on top of the other they will play likewise on SocialDJ. If you do not have a preconceived priority in mind, the app has one just for you …’Shuffle’..once you have ten videos in your mix you can shuffle them to get a random or desired random order for playing.

SocialDJ mobile music

SocialDJ mobile music

If you’re clueless about artists videos or music and auto suggestion feature provokes your thought process that lets you choose your favorite  music. The app requires that you have atleast 5 videos in the mixer before it allows you to mix…the upper limit is limitless and only limited by youtube current technology making 165 videos per mix an upper barrier…but then that at the minimum six and a half hours of music…

Opening with a singleton menu the app looks quite simple at first, but its power is hidden within its usage. As you make new mixes your mixes start appearing on the menu tab…the app also proposes to introduce the facebook scrub feature…a feature that will have you basking off the youtube shares on facebook especially those of social groups dedicated to music be it the Carl Orff community or the like of Beyonce…

SocialDJ Playlist Matrix

SocialDJ Playlist Matrix

The most likeable feature of the app is its sturdy backbone feature that supports all mobiles…nevertheless first hand info is that optimization for iphone and Galaxy variants is under process…the most complex aspect being that of the android clones Applewebkit undertakings…long story short….sometime back most mobile companies thought they could use Apple technology free of cost and escaped royalty patents by changing the definitions of height to width and width to height making for a whole cloud of confusion in the devices market…the result every app has to be tested on every mobile device out there in the world to ensure the rotation and gyration features work as they’re supposed to else you’ll end up having a longer video…(psst…not in terms of duration)..

While you check out this app remember ..its the alpha edition and there lots more to come by in terms of features and innovation…this app is so new that at the time of this writing SocialDJ hasn’t finalized their logo for facebooks acceptance.. https://apps.facebook.com/socialDJ/

March 7, 2014

Rogan The Swordmaster-game launch

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Rogan The Sword Master

Rogan The Sword Master

At the gates of despair is the beginning of hope, so it is said…In Rogan the Swordmaster a warlock breaks the jewel and opens the gates of despair. He wants to keep it open forever and splits the broken pieces and hands them to mystical creatures so that they will be opened forever more. Enter Rogan the sword-master who saves the day he has to defeat all four creatures and regain the broken pieces of the jewel.

The game can be played with ease using your arrow keys and mouse on y88. The left click of the mouse swings the mighty sword against the beast. But the gates are guarded by the enemy troops and you will have to fight your way to each beast. Slaying the first enemy will give you your first blood achievement. However you will be thwarted by numerous soldiers from the enemy, you can use your space bar to activate fury mode and Rogans blood will boil while he slays the onslaught. Slaying the enemy men will give you gold with which you can purchase Armour and artillery at the shop. The Armour is the breastplate of silver which is effective when the enemy strikes and the weapons available include swords, medieval hammers and a spanner dagger each having its own effectiveness during combat.

The game has built in achievement levels ranging from Gold Miner when you get rewarded one thousand gold points in a single attempt of onslaught, you then have the ‘Inviolable’ for killing ten enemies without sustaining any injuries yourself. If you do collect the first part of the Jewel you are awarded an achievement level titled Jewel Collection 1 and you are awarded the Slayer title when you kill a thousand enemies. There are other interesting achievement levels packed away for when you buy your new sword and Armour they include sword master and anger management achievement.

Getting into the game and grooving you will find its one big massacre and sword fight to the finish. Wish you all the best in attaining the jewel in one piece.

Play Rogan The Sword Master

February 28, 2014

Ironcalypse – Launch

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Ironcalypse is the futuristic story of man made inventions of robots that will save the world in the future Armageddon of meteorites. The game is a ten level game featuring combat and repair, by your little iron men …it is a scream cause you need to use obstacles to your advantage by jumping over them and getting past bigger obstacles. Sometime you will simply need to duck and skid your way under them. This is one awesome multi control hash-was-D game on y88.

The game controls may appear simple but is amazingly empowered by a control engine that will allow you to perform amazing stunts. The arrow keys or the wasD keys are used for simple controls but the power controls also kick in, so when you press the top arrow while already jumping you will be propelled higher and if you pres the bottom arrow you will duck but if you press both the bottom arrows and the right keys you will perform an amazing Keanu Reeeves knee skid right under and past the obstacle. But beware not to bang yourself against the obstacles or you will get sick and your health bar will start to fall and you will need to make it to the health top sups for survival. The panel on the game displays your health indicator and distance to shelter two key parameters that will enable you to get to the next level.

Ironcalypse was  launched last week and I took a dive right in because its graphics were formidable straight out of a toy story unreleased version by Ann Rukina and Maxim Bogdonov. The game has impeccable animation ans the iron clad calyses jump and fight for their survival.

Play Game

February 21, 2014

Click Battle Madness – New Game Launch

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Click Battle Madness

Click Battle Madness

It takes innovation and creativity to mix concepts from different genres to bring out a game like Click Battle Madness which uses gaming concepts from the infamous online game bubble burst to bring out a scoring strategy and this is extended further through a matrix of Canon enabling you to fight a war making this game one interesting mix of action, adventure and puzzles all in one, right here on y88.

The game is set on a board with differently colored warriors and you have to choose similar colored groups before your power indicator falls to zero. Choosing a color deploys the warriors who fire cannon balls against an oncoming enemy whose battle ships have just landed. The game is designed in such a manner that the onslaught of the enemy is in an array of soldiers and you need to take them out by deploying the right columns of soldiers given the attack.

Scoring for the game is quite a handful considering so many factors like battle ships sunk, time to complete battle and the forces destroyed and loot looted. The scores give you reward points which replenish your cash  positions and gold stacks, you can then use these to buy better upgrades and venture into your next battle….the very strategic thinking of the history of medieval kings and sorcerers.

Wizard Of War in Click Battle Madness

Wizard Of War in Click Battle Madness

Of course the game has points of onslaught which are overwhelming but then you have few magic powers like the fire ball wherein you can take out a whole gang with just one shot but you have to earn these powers. The stupendous array of upgrades include a power upgrade, a magic sage upgrade who helps you with his harry potter spells in the event of major attacks. You can also increase the defense towers bringing in a bit from tower defense strategy. If you’re quite sure about overcoming the Vikings who attack you you can purchase the loot upgrade to take more gold from them.

The game seems to bring out quite a bit of mythology with their comets attack and bugs attack and the Midas Touch. The Red- Indian hand of God also seems to be used in a very entertaining manner to defeat armies when you need a bit of replenishment. The game is an ice breaker in terms of strategic thinking as you play war with power against time and the resources of magic , fire and cannons. At one point of time the game takes on the shape of tower defense strategy as you acquire more fortresses to defend vulnerable positions and half the features and upgrade which I haven’t figured out yet. The game is available for play on y9 and if you did enjoy bubble burst on y9 then I’d recon this ones a scream.  Have fun playing click battle madness.

Play Click Battle Madness

Upgrade Options Click Battle Madness

Upgrade Options Click Battle Madness

February 19, 2014

Death lab – new game launch

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Death Labs is a game of shooting and solving mental puzzles

Death Labs is a game of shooting and solving tactical puzzles

The new game launched last week that has skyrocketed the stats of Japanese Youth and those who love morbid stuff, is Death Labs. A game that will have you using your mind to shoot through puzzling situations while drowning your opponents in acid and mortar and what not!

If you wish to have a morbidly  gore experience of action packed shooting and sniper attacks in mind-boggling puzzling encounters then you should not miss Death lab, the game that in the first few levels walks you through its deadliness introducing you to the sniper head-shot, the grenade blow ups and Molotov fire attacks. Then level four takes you to the tesla fire power which penetrates double and triple head-shots. Level five has you tactically firing at the glass bottom of the acid container as the acid leaks all over and burns your assailants who dance to their death.

The game which has a 3777 story line, has a theme of the arm of saving that unlocks prisoner #17 who is kept in a human testing laboratory. The prisoner uses the code to unlock weapons and then he’s on a vengeance pitch. The first few levels are quite simple as it is designed to hand hold you to get a grip of the game. Once you’ve earned enough game money you are handed your missions that need to be achieved no matter what. You may buy yourself upgrades and these are varied and come by in terms of ricochets, tracers, patrons , Molotov and Tesla. After level six you’ve passed the tutorial and are ready to combat in real.

death labs

Angle of incidence for a ricochet head shot

Game play is simply the subset of what has been thought hash wasD to move and aim and fire you can choose your weapons and use them effectively,diluting your enemies without diluting your strategy.

From level seven onward, your missions  are displayed in the upper control panel and if achieved  you score bonuses.You also score bonuses for intuitive destruction while minimizing the use of ammunition… So in level seven it goes that you have to use three shots to kill three opponents and that will give you one hundred dollars in game money the secondary point is to achieve three deaths with three grenades and that will give you another one hundred and fifty in game money.

Strategy of the game becomes interesting  from level ten upward as you co-ordinate your tactical abilities with the environment and the mission, for example level ten presents you with four soldiers placed particularly around an acid tank and only if you get the weaponry right and the shot right can you take out all four soldiers with just one ricochet shot.

Play Death Lab


Ammunition Upgrades

February 14, 2014

StickMan FreeStyle BMX – New Game Launch

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Stickman freestylebmx

Stickman freestylebmx

Looking at some of the bicycle games that have launched in the recent past you might want to wheele with Stickman on y88, cause here it does not mater whether your riding on your head or wheeling a bmx. It has an interesting array of bmx-stunts and a crazy weird panel of judgeswho dish out scores as per their whims and fancies. Take for instance DoubleDonna she seems to be interested in Huge tricks involving doubling up and there is tripleTrixie who takes it three at a time. It also comes with the one hand trick upgrades simply pressing J will activate it.

Game Controls

The game is a simple arrow based game if your right handed and was-d game if you are left handed.Top arrow is for acceleration and the bottom one for deceleration. Similarly W is for acceleration and S for deceleration if you are left handed. The left arrow gets you leaning backward for stunts that involve climbing and balance. The right arrow gets you leaning forward for back wheelie and back flips. The spacebar gives you extra jump when you need one

Judges of Stickman

Judges of Stickman

The ingame tutorial is really long drawn and annoying. So I took a little deep dive into this and found out that this is indeed the first objective , to collect tutorial crates…there are about seven of them. The Cool Q – The game comes with a cool Q allowing you to make a complete directional shift when you hit a high patch a bit like the pro skaters on the huge U ring. The game also gives you a choice of in game charachters. You have the cool dude with a baseball cap whose name is whatever you give him, or the cute blonde in which case this game should have been called stick woman, you also have the sport black chic with a ponytail or a dude with a turkey cap….;this game is for you whomever you are just choose your icon and see yourself do the tricks of pro BMX. Scoring is basis points and achievements…negative score bars are also accounted for, if you look closely at the #swag bar with the little red heart you’ll be losing favor and energy with goof ups…the energy bar is the little blue bar just below.

This is surely one of those games that needs to be explored and enjoyed as you make your way across the seven levels thwarting the U ramp contest and the Big Air Contest. The game has tonnes of achievements to be won.

Play Stickman

February 7, 2014

House Of Wolves – Launch

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House Of Wolves

House Of Wolves

An interesting game launched last week is ‘House of Wolves’, a game of adventure, where in you have been ousted by Lord Vilereck and have no option but to run into the woods and make a survival game plan in the deep dark woods. This game is about vengeance, Lord Vilereck had acquired your kingdom and your princess, he wanted to finish you off….but you’re the wolf and you will do anything to survive and make a comeback attempt for the throne. This game, launched on y88, by Louis Simon Mernard is one of action , adventure and dark fairy-tale, taking its cues from farmville the game sports a control panel that adds depth in terms of what you can do, your artillery and the ttd list to perform.

In the survival mode of the game your objective is to last as long as possible as the wicked lord Vilereck vows to hunt you down. In this mode you will not only have to face the wrath of the enemy but also the dangers of the deep viscous forest like spiders and mystical rituals of the chamans . The game is feature packed with achievement level awards the most notable being Warlust at level four wherein a troop of five hundred are killed. This is done by building your town and community and taking them from strength to strength in order to fight the war of vengeance. The game awrds reward points and achievement levels for population increase and control of economics. The principle occupation seems to be woodcutting and gathering apart from hunting.

The story line of the game is that once you were ousted from the kingdom it took you two days to reach the western frontier where you find yourself covered in think woods. Now you have to establish your town and eventually your kingdom treading carefully at first so as not to move your settlements close to Lord Vilereck. Let other mercenaries handly him till you can get a foothold of your community.

Game play is quite simple click on a settler to activate his performance. Drag the little green box made by your mouse around units to select them. Double click all units to perform similar actions in order to manage a single task by multiple units. If youd like to top up to a pre selection hold down your shift button and select the unit to be topped up. You can assign your troops numbers in order to manage them effectively, simply press the CNTRL button and any number key to assign your troops a number key. This will come in handy during battle to assign the right troops to take charge of the fortress and the right troops to launch the attack.

The game is available for play on y9 and you can get your copy of House of Wolves here.

Play House Of Wolves

January 31, 2014

New Zombie Game Launch -ZombInsanity

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ZombInsanity Preview

ZombInsanity Preview

A good game launched this month is zombie insanity ( zombinsanity), a zombie  survivor series that has you playing a manga who has to thwart off  Zombies that are trying to kill him and destroy his space ship, making a pitch that’s sure to be thrilling with  high definition graphics pre-loaded processor giving an expanded and optimized online gaming experience on y9.

The backdrop theme of the game is a space mission in 2079 that has gone bad bringing forth an animation sequence that you need to control through various levels  of this zombie entertainer. The first part of the game is when you awake from cryogenic sleep. Being a soldier and need to fight to defend your space ship from an eminent and continuous zombie attack where in your chances of survival are very low.

Game play is quiet simply a #wasD or arrow controls where you have the left and right arrows to move in those directions and the top arrow to jump. You may also use the wasD keys if you’re left handed. Shooting and killing zombies is performed with the aid of your mouse, a simple aim and fire. You will need space keys to interact with objects like activating a lift sequence etc.

The game has a bit of sequencing to it which gets more interesting after each level. Once you do start playing and earning your reward points you will be in a position to rescue prisoners whom you can further assign to guard important posts. The end of each level also give you an opportunity to upgrade your resources, skills and health with the aid of top ups and upgrades that you can purchase with money earned.


 The Upgrades vary from New Post control units whereby you can assign a fellow soldier to a guard a post, Rebuild you Speed and acquire drastically faster skills and speed, pistols, shotguns, semi automatics, rocket launchers, sub machine guns and mine launchers.The zombies will keep destroying your space ship and you will have to shoot them and click space-bar to repair the damaged portions. The top left control panel of the game indicates your health which will certainly depreciate if you get hit by a zombie. The top panel also indicates the lifelines available to you , you will have a total of three lifelines , post which the game is over.

If you’d like you can get the game here.

message space station

January 10, 2014

New Game Launch – Zombie On Wheels: The Arrival

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The arrival of Zombie on wheels

The arrival of Zombie on wheels

Launched :10 Hours ago ….Once again Yuri & Dennis throw a Zombie game surprise, already renowned for titles like ‘Undead Neighbors’ and ‘Monsters Must Die’, this 9 level game is action packed with achievements, ammunition and zombies. The story line is cliched rule of the book matrix series zombie invasion, with folks back at the camp punting their very existence on a few good hero’s who will help them attain food supplies and medication and thwart the zombie attacks.

The game innovates on a zombie library and highlights the book of the dead, thereby letting you know who you got.Its seemingly not possible to run through a level clear without performing multiple runs and picking up cash to buy upgrades. There is a fair degree of latency in mouse movement to responsiveness on screen and it takes a bit of practice to discount this latency while playing, maybe the game author could have provided three options for game graphics controllers as it seems the high end graphics have destabilized the optimum performance of the game at least while testing it out on y88.

Zombie on wheels - protection camp

Zombie on wheels – protection camp

Game Controls

The game controls are quite simple falling in the point and shoot genre with an added ‘R’ for reloading. The game is packed with upgrades and libraries of zombie types and behavior which sadly are not exposed at the beginning of the game in level 1, but the ttd is jam packed and your itinerary includes collecting food supplies and medicines for folks back in the camp….fill your supply chain en route this adventure by stopping by to pick up groceries and medications with a simple mouse click. Get prepared to get lucky pick up useful money and health-bars to prepare for the next sortie again with a click of your mouse. Use the space-bar skilfully to jump from one mode of conveyance to another or even over the living dead themselves. If you’ve upgraded to grenades use ‘G’ to launch.

Try this game and let me know how you feel about this new game launch.

December 20, 2013

Xmas Review Contd. – JackSmith

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Meet JackSmith aka Reacher

Meet JackSmith aka Reacher

Heading into Christmas week, ribbons are not that pretty for Target Shoppers as news of credit card breaches upsetting the holiday atmosphere…lets call out Jack Reacher; well he seems to be vacation so all we are left with is JackSmith.

Its the most wonderful time of the year with kids jingle belling et al, if you’re still in the mood for a cool game review, we have Jack Smith a fine game to learn the art of metallurgy and primitive weapon design. The game is a donkeykong simulation of the art of primitive weapon design, followed by a war. You get to understand your skill sets in weapon design by the immediate objectives being ascertained….aka how well they did in battle.

Jack Reacher Smith - blacksmith,warrior weapon designer, donkeykong

Jack Reacher Smith – blacksmith,warrior weapon designer, donkeykong

If you really are into weapons design, swords are not the only things being manufactured here. For starters there is Bow & Arrow design, Axes, Shields ,pikes and Masons……wish they had Cannon design, but it appears that you can only win them through bonus points.

Ah yes, some old school thinking on the part of flipline studios…there is a princess…and she need to be rescued. As  kids, we believed princesses were simply locked-up in dungeons. 🙂

The game sports a cool walkthrough that first introducing you to scout….whats a game without a dog..lol. In the apprenticeship training you will be taught the science of sword making and some quantum physical dimensions of Power & Durability. If you turn the oven on and smelt the various metals too fast, then you lose points on durability, if you mix the metals wrong then you will be powerless against certain demons. Dracula, it is said can only be slain with silver…or was that the werewolf in Mr.Hyde….so the point is understand the metal mixtures that need to go into the formation of the equipment…..research the enemy.

Gun Carriage

Gun Carriage

At war, there is indeed not much to do but wait and watch……performance of your army depends solely on how well you manufactured the weapons. Ah , there is some garbage collection to be performed when the army destroys the monsters…take their weapons and score brownie points.

Sword Manufacturing Jack Smith style

Sword Manufacturing Jack Smith style

Interestingly there are a few pointers to team work and how a small mistake can snowball into a larger one. The simulation engine appears to have taken into account one of the various statistical distributions to make for a very realistic war time goof up show.

The game is most suitable for kids aged 8 to 14, google analytic indicators show one more hump around the 35 to 45 bracket , ….wonder what thats about.

One final note on behalf of flipline studios the game authors. They have a remarkable line up of successful sims including the entire Papa Pizza genre…..yum.  There is Papa’s Burgeria…a sim on actually making your own burgers, there is Papa’s Freezeria on how to make your own icecreams , Papa’s Hot Doggeria…forget what that was about…and the original Papa Louie Pizza Sim. Flipline is always giving us the most essential games to help us in our day to day lives…and now, with chaos reigning supreme in the world today,…..we now have a DIY sword game….we hope you do enjoy JackShit.





Another Cribber
Another Cribber

December 25, 2015

Earn to Die – Review

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Well today certainly is an odd day to write up a review for a Zombie Game cause today is Christmas, however as Im not in the mood to celebrate, I might as well write a Zombie Game Review.zombinator - earn to die Everyone who has ever been frustrated with their job will agree to the phrase ‘Earn to Die’…but for a Zombie Game this just does not make sense.
The game is a very simple function of distance you achieve and zombies you terminate, which reward you points or game money which you can use to buy upgrades to make the zombie reverse holocaust more effective.

Having played about 13 runs I found the game to be very interesting at first but later to be getting a bit monotonic. You start out with a broken down Beetle look alike and keep running out of gas…however before you do, ensure to run over and smash every Zombie you come across that way you score more points…for both the zombies terminated and the distance covered…up until you run out of gas. The Game author seems to have forgotten the facts…when you run out of gas …you are stranded. However in this game miraculously, your car gets back to the workshop and ready for the next run ‘A new day ..new hope’….being the tagline. A New Day - New HopeIts a good time to say a good word about the game author ToffeeGames..certainly he is established in his principles of faith ,hope and love…however ironically even after run 13…I kept getting the same hope…c’est la vie. The least would have been to have a ‘save gameplay’ so that we could kick off right from where we left off. After Day 13 and run 13 I was able to accumulate about 500$ US and upgrade my broken down beetle to an even more broken down van. Nevertheless, going by the images I see, it is quite like life , we start nowhere and slowly keep upgrading crap until we can get somewhere…either taht or Toffee Games is going through a real tough time.

Upgrade Options
What makes the game really interesting on y9 are the upgrade options. Gees, I must say upgrading from the R16 to R18 tyres itself reminded me of my BMW Z6 guess it gets nostalgic now and then.Upgrade 1 The first day of hope gives you a little cash that enables you to upgrade the tyres, very important from the distance -traction perspective. The R18 AT’s are priced at about 20 bucks really far fetched from market realities, I recently paid 998$ for a new pair…atleast in this game you can get an R25 MT for like seventy five bucks…hmm how dreams come true…in zombie games at-least.Money Earned Ironic isn’t it? with a name like Earn to die, you don’t die until you like….run outta cash. Whats interesting is that every time you crush a Zombie with this heavy metal peice of Junk you like…earn two bucks. Current market pricing for exorcism …pays how much? Just click the button and return to the garage. This game should have been titled ‘Garage Opps’ or GTG 4.0.

The game comes in two flavours ‘Challenge Mode’ and ‘Story Mode’ with a promise that you can play challenge mode after you’ve like read up on the entire story of a ‘Black Hawk Down’ kinda setting and the navy seal needing to make his way across Zombie land….mind you the buggy in zombie land is priced at 500$ …after you get rich in zombie land you’d be able to afford a cool heavy truck for like 200K$US. In my case I’d just choose monster truck right away cause I know Mark Zuckerberg dint get rich in zombieland…allthough thats where we will all end up eventually….is that why this game is so crazy and welcoming? Anyways the game is as simple as that and will certainly let you feel relaxed if you spend five minutes on it ….like once in a life time. Leave you with some pictures…for you to get the complete picture…adios.GPS
New Hope Zombie
Thde Kill
Kill the Zombie


November 2, 2015

Left Two Dead – Review

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Left 2 Dead Zombie Pests

Left 2 Dead Zombie Pests

Ever find yourself suddenly psychically active and available in the dead of the night? With a mild blue glow around that highlights corpses strewn on each other and a deep pit adjoining with all the creatures of hell piled on each other with a lot of tsk tsk …stuff….

Welcome to Left Two Dead a hash wasD zombie game that’s as easy as aim and shoot. The game was created by game developer Andzol and has done pretty well on the charts and is well on its way to become one of those classic Zombie games available online. One reason for this is because of its simplicity in design in both vectors of game graphics and physics engine. The game starts with you standing in the midst of nowhere, supposedly in the dead of night, and all you have with you is a pistol. With this you can turn your character in any direction and shoot at zombies out of nowhere. Shooting is a simple aim and fire and wait to reload.

In terms of upgrades the game features several interesting upgrades including two types of Shotguns, one a cheap Remington 870 replica and a variety of semi automatic machinery including an MP5, AK47, M19191, auto shotguns , rocket propelled grenades.

The game also sports a cool night vision Q stream, yeah ….simply press Q to turn on night vision. If you do have artillery grenades use the spacebar to throw them at mobs of zombies.

From a critical aspect, the game lacks depth as the end game is already known in that you are going to be overpowered at some stage and hence you’re only playing for points till survival.Serious Zombie game developers should actually go in for depth in their story line, having taken their cues from verses of various religion, developers should look for an upgrade level wherein the Zombie slayer earns enough points and reputation to be ‘one of the chosen’ to fight the great battles at the second coming.

October 5, 2015

LFB – A total boy game

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Lust for bust alias LFB is one hell of a 90 seconds game

Lust for bust alias LFB is one hell of a 90 seconds game

If you have not heard of LFB then you certainly are missing something. Lust for Bust is a total childish boy game that gets you feeling like you’re in your teens and gives you a bit to reminiscence over. Lol, the game is quite simple to play but the concept will get you all thrilled and goosebumped  with the theme being ‘sneek-a-peek’   and you can have most fun as its one of the hottest games on y9.

The game developed by the B2team has you sitting in your friends home right next to his sleazy sister whose kind of luring you into the sneek trap. She keeps perking away like shes full of pride and you need to oogle at her ____ yes you guessed right 🙂



The longer you ogle at her breasts the more points you score and this game has one objective score a goal in under 65 seconds…nope actually you have about two minutes but the global best rank at this point of time is 45 seconds and if you’re able to make it to 65 you’re quite good. The best part of the game is getting busted….lmao if you’re busted you’re hit with the beer can – quite a laugh.

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July 5, 2015

Nimble Piggy Joyride Game

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Nimble Piggy Joy Ride

Nimble Piggy Joy Ride y9

The nimble piggy which its quick marching music is gonna get you firing your cannons at the evil monsters. The game themed a bit on Jack and the bean stock is organised in quick successive levels that’s pretty easy to get through and quite impressive.

This time jack has a cannon, not exactly a cannon id call a cannon but its quite alright for the theme. The method of fire power is to take your mouse cursor away from the cannon before clicking it. The first few levels are quite straightforward as you have some skeletons attacking you and some casper clones and all you have to do is fire your cannon at them repeatedly. The next few levels get a bit intuitive, as the ghosts or monsters are not vulnerable to your firepower and irrespective of how many shells you exhaust theyre not getting hit. The work around is to look around for clues. The game sports a mid game dead center dialog box that reveals the clue that the cannon is only a trigger to hit the chain that holds the giant Iron ball. Once you get that those two are done for.

Nimble Piggy Joyride Game

Nimble Piggy Joyride Game

The next few intervening levels take a course that reminds me of ‘kill em wabbits’  cause you have to arc your cannon ball past some obstacle and the only way to hit the skeleton it seems is ‘Kyosei’ the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvements…yeah keep firing and changing your angle till you get them.

What is really interesting about this game is its add on music that kind of reminds me of the Charlie Chaplin themes or the Laurel and Hardy adventures of an age gone by. When ever there is not much in it get the marching band and they will play on. The game quickly gets you to level eleven and you will be stuck with an obstacle right before your cannon while an old skeleton hangs dangerously waiting to allay you….allay you! it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, looks like one of those buccaneer tribesman slung him up and hes been hanging there since kingdom come. Anyways you gotta to do what ones gotta do to get to level twelve and you already know it by now there is a cargo hanging dangerously over its head all you have to do is shoot the chains that hold the cargo and it will fall and destroy the skeleton.

Nible Piggy Joy Ride

Nible Piggy Joy Ride

At level twelve you better be quick and shoot the chains and let the cactus fall on the monsters arriving on the scene else you will have to take them out with your bare cannon and I don’t think you stand a chance at that. Once the cactus ball falls keep shooting at it and send those monsters to the grave getting pricked by cacti.

Timing is of the essence in level thirteen else you will never get passed it. First shoot at the end of the chain that’s closest to nimble piggy then let the chain swing like a pendulum with the iron ball bomb at the end. When the ball reaches the furthest end shoot at it such that the bomb falls into the place of the green monster and bursts there taking you to the next level.

Level fourteen of nimble piggy presents you with a two balloon surprise as you have to shoot one to make for a roadway to the arriving monster and the other will let a carriage run towards it. Then you keep firing at the carriage in order to increase its momentum and it will push the monster towards the poky cactus and the monster is done for.

June 8, 2015

Radio Zed Game Review

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radiozed2Imagine a scenario of a zombie apocalypse in which you are trapped and have access to only one house where all humans of the town take refuge. The house has a radio tower from which you can beacon for help but the radio waves are upsetting the zombies and they want to break in…welcome to Radio Zed, a zombie game with a difference.

The game is a shoot out with a choice of a variety of weapons, you can choose your weapons after you earned them by pressing numbers one to nine to indicate your choice. You then simply aim and fire at the oncoming zombies using your mouse and click. You can move around too using the arrow keys or a hash wasD combination. Wherein the left and right arrow keys allow you to move in the respective directions and the top arrow key allows you to jump the bottom arrow key allows you to open a door and enter another level.

Do not worry you have comrades in arms and you can control their actions by taking charge of them press F and click on a partner to take charge of him, do this with a careful judgement about the type of attack. To quickly change to the next weapon you can press the Q button and to jump to the previous weapon you can press E. Don’t forget the Radio tower is your only hope, and you cant allow the zombies to damage them. Have fun with this game.

Feudalism II – Game Review

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feudalism1Meet Inga she is a shaman and warrior in the great game feudalism 2 that takes you back to the medieval struggles for power and dictatorship. Inga’s acumen with the bow and arrow is undeniable she is always armed with her pet dagger and has the ability to suppress the enemy with her black powers; ironically she can also heal herself using the realms of shamanism.

In this enchanting game you go through the historic thought processes of war that concern duels, combat and slaughter. Once you emerge yourself into the game you find that it is action packed with real traits of betrayal , slavery and deceit.

Game play is very simple use the left and right arrow keys to move forward and backward and the up and down keys to move up and down. You may also choose to assault your enemy by getting in range and striking them, use the spacebar for attack. If you like to change your armor or sorcery use the shift buttons.

In the begining of the game you will be guided by the greats swords master but thereafter you are on your own. He will show you how to place your initial attack.

The game is filled with townships that you need to conquer and take over, bringing together interesting dynamics of socio-economics as you enter the market place and the town hall. The towns also have fortresses and once you conquer them you acquire leadership over the army and can recruit more personnel.

If you’re not into shamanism you can choose to be Elizabeth the priestess of the Holy Cross or maybe Jenghis Khan, the choice is yours as this dynamic game gives you a wide variety of avatars and control points. You can also choose whether you’d like to keep receiving hints from the great swordsmaster or want to kick his butt.

The game gives you a chance to journey into the hidden battles of long ago, delving deeply into foresight and leadership bringing out the ugly aspects of betrayal and deceit for all is fair in Love and War they say…


Strafe WW2 Western Front- Game Launch

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World War Game

World War Game

Most world war games online are just that two dimensional pacman types, but not Strafe! If you want a real piece of mind boggling head thrilling piloting you must try Strafe for when you turn your flight through the enemy zone it is not plane you see turning but the whole imagery like if you actually sat in a pilot seat. The games objectives are quite simple destroy the enemy base camps, however these will set off enemy aircraft attack and you will need to be at your best performance in dog fighting and ground base camp bombing.

The game is the heroic and true story of Strafe combat forces that thwarted attacks from enemy lines in May 1940 the attacks were co-ordinated with other attacks on Lumembourg , France , Belgium and France. The German attack was to set about a precedent that will enable ground forces to invade and take control over the locations in Europe.

The game itself has a play theme to it, you need to follow the commands…so if you thought it was as simple as a suicide fly by night operation…think again. Some rounds are clear cut offensive wherein you have to bomb ground forces and attack oncoming air combat forces the others are invasion stipulated where in you have to destroy base camps but get away from offensive air combat. The game has a radar to the right screen that enables you to visualize your base camps in red and the defensive enemy combat air craft in green or white. Shooting and firing is simple press the space bar. The games objectives are either to take out and bomb base camps or supply chains or inventory of fuel or transport.

The game is made even more interesting with undisclosed surprises that are built into each level , watch out for that quick passing message that says collect gold coins etc. It will be fun.

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Valentines Special Love Ball – Game Review

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sheet1With valentines just around the corner everyone’s in the mood for love. Almost everyone, if you have not found your true love you could still indulge yourself into a cool game of Love Ball on y9. The game which has its theme centered on a rescue of your girl friend from evil pink and blue balls, will have you all wound up and asking for more.

The  game is very close in resemblance to balloon striker and has a play wherein you have to shoot a similar coloured ball to a similar colored group of balls to burst the entire group. If you layer a different color then the balloons will slowly make its way towards you and you will find it difficult to burst the groups within as the colors get fragmented. Remember three of a kind and you need to burst all balls to rescue the girl.

I thought I’d give you a first hand opinion of the game and jumped right into it. I found that at level 1 things were simple and slow as you have only five colors to mix and match. So I started the little adventure and grouped odd balls, those that woundt shoot a category or group right to the far ends. I was lucky to get the bomb ball as well, this bomb ball is a bonus that can take out any colours. All’s well that ends well was round 1, I did get the girl.

The game continuous from level to level with the same theme of the girl hanging from the balloons but the puzzles in which you have to shoot being different. If you take too long to rescue the girl, she is most upset with you so you have to finish the puzzle in quick time and shoot all the balls. One more pointer , when you do get a bomb ball try to aim for the group of balloons with the largest number of balls, yeah im using balls interchangeably with balloons but you get the pun.


Portal Wars – Review

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portal2What happens when two competing companies come together to show the world their brotherly affection and competitive spirit in a game? You get the likes of Portal Wars, a game which gives you a deeper insight into the competitive thought processes of Armour and hidden ninja two online free gaming companies. The game persee is a ninja type attack and defense game with a whacky tutorial that places you atop a browser screen background.

Game play is sophisticated and uses your ‘A’ key for awesome ninja type attacks and combination of blows….you do not need to know martial arts, just press the ‘A’ button repeatedly and you will see your little ninja making movies. The game is further spices up with various attack types, you could perform a low attack combination with the ‘S’ key and the down arrow, a ninja maneuver jump with a double top arrow., move around with yout left and right keys, a strong punch with the ‘S’  and right arrow keys and to block an attack simply press D.

The game will allow for a two player option wherein you can share the game with your friend and the two of you could battle out the Portal Wars. In this mode your reward points are valuable enough to purchase top ups and you can upgrade to Giant Mode, Got Ups Mode and God Mode.

Bloons Tower Defense – Game Review

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shhet1Bloons tower defense is a very straightforward game that presents you with a map. Part of this map is green with grass and there is a pathway. The game has different colored balloons strolling the pathway from left to right. All along the route you are allowed to build towers that will shoot at the balloons. The objective of the game is not to allow any balloons to get to the other end. You are allocated a certain amount of game money at the beginning and you have to spend it wisely on the appropriate type of towers bring the economic angle of defense into the game.

The game is itself a strategy game and has a few types of balloons that either arrive one by one or in streams of man. The first color of balloon is red that takes only one shot to burst the second is blue that only changes color in one shot and burst on the second.The yellow balloons are faster balloons and there are white ones as well.

In terms of towers you have a choice in building straight punch type monkey jabbing towers that will jab each balloon as they pass by either bursting them or changing their color. The monkey jab towers are very fast but are limited in capabilities as they take on one balloon at a time and maybe ineffective in the case of a streaming balloon attack. The monkey balloons are available at about two hundred and fifty dollars a piece when you buy them and can be sold for two hundred dollars a piece if you wish to sell a tower due to shifts in strategic or tactical planning.

The next type of tower is the tack tower that will shoot arrows in all directions making it very effective to slow down a speeding stream of balloons. However this tower faces a shortcoming in terms of reload time. You may find it beneficial to deploy these types of towers where there are curves as you get a higher mapping area for attack.

the next two types of towers go hand in glove in their operations, the first is the ice tower which will freeze a set of passing by balloons. The frozen balloons are not susceptible to damage by the towers introduced till now but a bomb tower can take out the entire group of frozen balloons. However these two types are expensive in terms of game money and cannot be used for initial deployment. Tactically you will find it better to deploy them next to each other with the bomb tower going just before and next to the ice tower. This manner of arrangement will have the set of balloons frozen as they pass by and make it easire for the bomb tower to take them out. You might want to watch the radius of activity and ensure that the bomb tower takes out as many paths as possible.

The real essence of playing the game is actually getting to deploy round after round and wave after wave and try not to allow the balloons to escape.

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