June 25, 2012

Y88 .in Games

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Welcome to the world of Y88 games on Y88.in, a fun game site where anything can happen. Playing flash games on Y88.in is all the difference as it is built over a proprietary twitter game engine core to give you one of the finest online gaming experiences.

Of what use is gaming, if it is not fun and what fun can you have when you play alone? Y88.in is not just about a share button, whereby a game is shared on social media websites facebook and twitter. Y88.in has at its core a leader board which constructively promotes participation and healthy competition.

Is Y88.in about Social Gaming ?

not yet…but surely working its way there. Let us look at how a social media core makes all the difference through Gamification.

What the hell is Gamification?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: with a twitter core Y88.in scouts and scavenges for information on various games. It explores avenues for gamification, a concept wherein points are awarded or subtracted basis a certain mathematical model for all available information about a certain game on the streaming api. These are then sorted, ordered and ranked. Tonnes of boring criteria and mathematical equations are crunched to furnish the games that are most fun.

More Power @yourfingertips

Ever had the opportunity of ‘Dumping a Game’? This innovation was first introduced on Y88.in in March 2012 whereby, a genuine disinterest may be expressed with respect to any particular game by ‘dumping’; the gamer thus has the power at their fingertips and may derive the satisfaction to say whether a game deserves to be on Y88.in. The game dump process automatically furnishes the beacon to the gamers friends to check for a minimal majority opinion of disinterest or boredom. A minimum of 5 dumps is required for a game to be completely eliminated from Y88.in .


Over 50000 fun games

Y88.in has other fun and innovative ways of garnering interest, in fact a simple search for the keyword Y88 on google insights will show you that y88.in created the keyword on the charts wayback in 2008.

So why y88?

Y88.in is named in honor of the firebird, a trans am premium model Pontiac that ruled the roads wayback in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. An old wine in a new cask, Y88.in is designed to appear ritualistically retro, but deep within is the energy and vibrance of an 8 Litre V8 engine that adds torque to your speed, for maximum thrills, no frills and a great drive.

Come Over lets have fun


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