February 28, 2014

Ironcalypse – Launch

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Ironcalypse is the futuristic story of man made inventions of robots that will save the world in the future Armageddon of meteorites. The game is a ten level game featuring combat and repair, by your little iron men …it is a scream cause you need to use obstacles to your advantage by jumping over them and getting past bigger obstacles. Sometime you will simply need to duck and skid your way under them. This is one awesome multi control hash-was-D game on y88.

The game controls may appear simple but is amazingly empowered by a control engine that will allow you to perform amazing stunts. The arrow keys or the wasD keys are used for simple controls but the power controls also kick in, so when you press the top arrow while already jumping you will be propelled higher and if you pres the bottom arrow you will duck but if you press both the bottom arrows and the right keys you will perform an amazing Keanu Reeeves knee skid right under and past the obstacle. But beware not to bang yourself against the obstacles or you will get sick and your health bar will start to fall and you will need to make it to the health top sups for survival. The panel on the game displays your health indicator and distance to shelter two key parameters that will enable you to get to the next level.

Ironcalypse was  launched last week and I took a dive right in because its graphics were formidable straight out of a toy story unreleased version by Ann Rukina and Maxim Bogdonov. The game has impeccable animation ans the iron clad calyses jump and fight for their survival.

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February 21, 2014

Click Battle Madness – New Game Launch

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Click Battle Madness

Click Battle Madness

It takes innovation and creativity to mix concepts from different genres to bring out a game like Click Battle Madness which uses gaming concepts from the infamous online game bubble burst to bring out a scoring strategy and this is extended further through a matrix of Canon enabling you to fight a war making this game one interesting mix of action, adventure and puzzles all in one, right here on y88.

The game is set on a board with differently colored warriors and you have to choose similar colored groups before your power indicator falls to zero. Choosing a color deploys the warriors who fire cannon balls against an oncoming enemy whose battle ships have just landed. The game is designed in such a manner that the onslaught of the enemy is in an array of soldiers and you need to take them out by deploying the right columns of soldiers given the attack.

Scoring for the game is quite a handful considering so many factors like battle ships sunk, time to complete battle and the forces destroyed and loot looted. The scores give you reward points which replenish your cash  positions and gold stacks, you can then use these to buy better upgrades and venture into your next battle….the very strategic thinking of the history of medieval kings and sorcerers.

Wizard Of War in Click Battle Madness

Wizard Of War in Click Battle Madness

Of course the game has points of onslaught which are overwhelming but then you have few magic powers like the fire ball wherein you can take out a whole gang with just one shot but you have to earn these powers. The stupendous array of upgrades include a power upgrade, a magic sage upgrade who helps you with his harry potter spells in the event of major attacks. You can also increase the defense towers bringing in a bit from tower defense strategy. If you’re quite sure about overcoming the Vikings who attack you you can purchase the loot upgrade to take more gold from them.

The game seems to bring out quite a bit of mythology with their comets attack and bugs attack and the Midas Touch. The Red- Indian hand of God also seems to be used in a very entertaining manner to defeat armies when you need a bit of replenishment. The game is an ice breaker in terms of strategic thinking as you play war with power against time and the resources of magic , fire and cannons. At one point of time the game takes on the shape of tower defense strategy as you acquire more fortresses to defend vulnerable positions and half the features and upgrade which I haven’t figured out yet. The game is available for play on y9 and if you did enjoy bubble burst on y9 then I’d recon this ones a scream.  Have fun playing click battle madness.

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Upgrade Options Click Battle Madness

Upgrade Options Click Battle Madness

February 19, 2014

Death lab – new game launch

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Death Labs is a game of shooting and solving mental puzzles

Death Labs is a game of shooting and solving tactical puzzles

The new game launched last week that has skyrocketed the stats of Japanese Youth and those who love morbid stuff, is Death Labs. A game that will have you using your mind to shoot through puzzling situations while drowning your opponents in acid and mortar and what not!

If you wish to have a morbidly  gore experience of action packed shooting and sniper attacks in mind-boggling puzzling encounters then you should not miss Death lab, the game that in the first few levels walks you through its deadliness introducing you to the sniper head-shot, the grenade blow ups and Molotov fire attacks. Then level four takes you to the tesla fire power which penetrates double and triple head-shots. Level five has you tactically firing at the glass bottom of the acid container as the acid leaks all over and burns your assailants who dance to their death.

The game which has a 3777 story line, has a theme of the arm of saving that unlocks prisoner #17 who is kept in a human testing laboratory. The prisoner uses the code to unlock weapons and then he’s on a vengeance pitch. The first few levels are quite simple as it is designed to hand hold you to get a grip of the game. Once you’ve earned enough game money you are handed your missions that need to be achieved no matter what. You may buy yourself upgrades and these are varied and come by in terms of ricochets, tracers, patrons , Molotov and Tesla. After level six you’ve passed the tutorial and are ready to combat in real.

death labs

Angle of incidence for a ricochet head shot

Game play is simply the subset of what has been thought hash wasD to move and aim and fire you can choose your weapons and use them effectively,diluting your enemies without diluting your strategy.

From level seven onward, your missions  are displayed in the upper control panel and if achieved  you score bonuses.You also score bonuses for intuitive destruction while minimizing the use of ammunition… So in level seven it goes that you have to use three shots to kill three opponents and that will give you one hundred dollars in game money the secondary point is to achieve three deaths with three grenades and that will give you another one hundred and fifty in game money.

Strategy of the game becomes interesting  from level ten upward as you co-ordinate your tactical abilities with the environment and the mission, for example level ten presents you with four soldiers placed particularly around an acid tank and only if you get the weaponry right and the shot right can you take out all four soldiers with just one ricochet shot.

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Ammunition Upgrades

February 14, 2014

StickMan FreeStyle BMX – New Game Launch

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Stickman freestylebmx

Stickman freestylebmx

Looking at some of the bicycle games that have launched in the recent past you might want to wheele with Stickman on y88, cause here it does not mater whether your riding on your head or wheeling a bmx. It has an interesting array of bmx-stunts and a crazy weird panel of judgeswho dish out scores as per their whims and fancies. Take for instance DoubleDonna she seems to be interested in Huge tricks involving doubling up and there is tripleTrixie who takes it three at a time. It also comes with the one hand trick upgrades simply pressing J will activate it.

Game Controls

The game is a simple arrow based game if your right handed and was-d game if you are left handed.Top arrow is for acceleration and the bottom one for deceleration. Similarly W is for acceleration and S for deceleration if you are left handed. The left arrow gets you leaning backward for stunts that involve climbing and balance. The right arrow gets you leaning forward for back wheelie and back flips. The spacebar gives you extra jump when you need one

Judges of Stickman

Judges of Stickman

The ingame tutorial is really long drawn and annoying. So I took a little deep dive into this and found out that this is indeed the first objective , to collect tutorial crates…there are about seven of them. The Cool Q – The game comes with a cool Q allowing you to make a complete directional shift when you hit a high patch a bit like the pro skaters on the huge U ring. The game also gives you a choice of in game charachters. You have the cool dude with a baseball cap whose name is whatever you give him, or the cute blonde in which case this game should have been called stick woman, you also have the sport black chic with a ponytail or a dude with a turkey cap….;this game is for you whomever you are just choose your icon and see yourself do the tricks of pro BMX. Scoring is basis points and achievements…negative score bars are also accounted for, if you look closely at the #swag bar with the little red heart you’ll be losing favor and energy with goof ups…the energy bar is the little blue bar just below.

This is surely one of those games that needs to be explored and enjoyed as you make your way across the seven levels thwarting the U ramp contest and the Big Air Contest. The game has tonnes of achievements to be won.

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February 7, 2014

House Of Wolves – Launch

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House Of Wolves

House Of Wolves

An interesting game launched last week is ‘House of Wolves’, a game of adventure, where in you have been ousted by Lord Vilereck and have no option but to run into the woods and make a survival game plan in the deep dark woods. This game is about vengeance, Lord Vilereck had acquired your kingdom and your princess, he wanted to finish you off….but you’re the wolf and you will do anything to survive and make a comeback attempt for the throne. This game, launched on y88, by Louis Simon Mernard is one of action , adventure and dark fairy-tale, taking its cues from farmville the game sports a control panel that adds depth in terms of what you can do, your artillery and the ttd list to perform.

In the survival mode of the game your objective is to last as long as possible as the wicked lord Vilereck vows to hunt you down. In this mode you will not only have to face the wrath of the enemy but also the dangers of the deep viscous forest like spiders and mystical rituals of the chamans . The game is feature packed with achievement level awards the most notable being Warlust at level four wherein a troop of five hundred are killed. This is done by building your town and community and taking them from strength to strength in order to fight the war of vengeance. The game awrds reward points and achievement levels for population increase and control of economics. The principle occupation seems to be woodcutting and gathering apart from hunting.

The story line of the game is that once you were ousted from the kingdom it took you two days to reach the western frontier where you find yourself covered in think woods. Now you have to establish your town and eventually your kingdom treading carefully at first so as not to move your settlements close to Lord Vilereck. Let other mercenaries handly him till you can get a foothold of your community.

Game play is quite simple click on a settler to activate his performance. Drag the little green box made by your mouse around units to select them. Double click all units to perform similar actions in order to manage a single task by multiple units. If youd like to top up to a pre selection hold down your shift button and select the unit to be topped up. You can assign your troops numbers in order to manage them effectively, simply press the CNTRL button and any number key to assign your troops a number key. This will come in handy during battle to assign the right troops to take charge of the fortress and the right troops to launch the attack.

The game is available for play on y9 and you can get your copy of House of Wolves here.

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