February 21, 2014

Click Battle Madness – New Game Launch

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Click Battle Madness

Click Battle Madness

It takes innovation and creativity to mix concepts from different genres to bring out a game like Click Battle Madness which uses gaming concepts from the infamous online game bubble burst to bring out a scoring strategy and this is extended further through a matrix of Canon enabling you to fight a war making this game one interesting mix of action, adventure and puzzles all in one, right here on y88.

The game is set on a board with differently colored warriors and you have to choose similar colored groups before your power indicator falls to zero. Choosing a color deploys the warriors who fire cannon balls against an oncoming enemy whose battle ships have just landed. The game is designed in such a manner that the onslaught of the enemy is in an array of soldiers and you need to take them out by deploying the right columns of soldiers given the attack.

Scoring for the game is quite a handful considering so many factors like battle ships sunk, time to complete battle and the forces destroyed and loot looted. The scores give you reward points which replenish your cash  positions and gold stacks, you can then use these to buy better upgrades and venture into your next battle….the very strategic thinking of the history of medieval kings and sorcerers.

Wizard Of War in Click Battle Madness

Wizard Of War in Click Battle Madness

Of course the game has points of onslaught which are overwhelming but then you have few magic powers like the fire ball wherein you can take out a whole gang with just one shot but you have to earn these powers. The stupendous array of upgrades include a power upgrade, a magic sage upgrade who helps you with his harry potter spells in the event of major attacks. You can also increase the defense towers bringing in a bit from tower defense strategy. If you’re quite sure about overcoming the Vikings who attack you you can purchase the loot upgrade to take more gold from them.

The game seems to bring out quite a bit of mythology with their comets attack and bugs attack and the Midas Touch. The Red- Indian hand of God also seems to be used in a very entertaining manner to defeat armies when you need a bit of replenishment. The game is an ice breaker in terms of strategic thinking as you play war with power against time and the resources of magic , fire and cannons. At one point of time the game takes on the shape of tower defense strategy as you acquire more fortresses to defend vulnerable positions and half the features and upgrade which I haven’t figured out yet. The game is available for play on y9 and if you did enjoy bubble burst on y9 then I’d recon this ones a scream.  Have fun playing click battle madness.

Play Click Battle Madness

Upgrade Options Click Battle Madness

Upgrade Options Click Battle Madness

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