March 7, 2014

Rogan The Swordmaster-game launch

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Rogan The Sword Master

Rogan The Sword Master

At the gates of despair is the beginning of hope, so it is said…In Rogan the Swordmaster a warlock breaks the jewel and opens the gates of despair. He wants to keep it open forever and splits the broken pieces and hands them to mystical creatures so that they will be opened forever more. Enter Rogan the sword-master who saves the day he has to defeat all four creatures and regain the broken pieces of the jewel.

The game can be played with ease using your arrow keys and mouse on y88. The left click of the mouse swings the mighty sword against the beast. But the gates are guarded by the enemy troops and you will have to fight your way to each beast. Slaying the first enemy will give you your first blood achievement. However you will be thwarted by numerous soldiers from the enemy, you can use your space bar to activate fury mode and Rogans blood will boil while he slays the onslaught. Slaying the enemy men will give you gold with which you can purchase Armour and artillery at the shop. The Armour is the breastplate of silver which is effective when the enemy strikes and the weapons available include swords, medieval hammers and a spanner dagger each having its own effectiveness during combat.

The game has built in achievement levels ranging from Gold Miner when you get rewarded one thousand gold points in a single attempt of onslaught, you then have the ‘Inviolable’ for killing ten enemies without sustaining any injuries yourself. If you do collect the first part of the Jewel you are awarded an achievement level titled Jewel Collection 1 and you are awarded the Slayer title when you kill a thousand enemies. There are other interesting achievement levels packed away for when you buy your new sword and Armour they include sword master and anger management achievement.

Getting into the game and grooving you will find its one big massacre and sword fight to the finish. Wish you all the best in attaining the jewel in one piece.

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