July 19, 2014

Mass Mayhem 2

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massmayhemchar1If you like to play the role of a one man army taking on all the scum of the world with a single guided missile and a kamikaze bomb then you can forget all those other games and try out Mass Mayhem 2. The game has a very Jason Statham crank type story line and allows you to pitch yourself single-handedly against the some of the worst extremists the world has ever sen including the likes of the Kaida, skinheads, Nazis, biker gangs and thugs. It presents itself with very simple and moral objectives like blow three Mafioso with one missile and use the kamikaze to blow three kkk.

The game starts with a near dress up game which allows you to role model your perfect anti-hero hero and gives you a range of options including a cigar smoking square faced Cuban Pete , a non Jack Sparrow one eyed pirate look alike, a Fidel Castro bearded look alike and among other Santa clause. You also have a variety of options to choose matching clothing for your recluse and you’re ready to go…press the thumbs up button to proceed.

The game starts by taking you through a small walk through so that you get a hang of what needs to be done, you will be required to guide your missile to its target and blow another one up in Kamikaze style. From there on the game places you in front of the church compound and the enemies will try to flee in all direction, you will be handed your mission and may need to take out three or more of them with one guided missile.

massmayhemchar3The game sports a split control panel the left hand panel will indicate your stock of inventory and the right will indicate your personnel items purchased like running shoes, hang glider and jet pack which will have their own uses as you elevate your levels. In terms of upgrades as you play along you accumulate points and game dollar values which can be used to purchase in game upgrades like grenades and landmines that come for about 20K USD for the first possession and 50K USD for the second possession. So if you already have a kamikaze bomb for 15K USD your next one ‘s gonna cost you much more, probably the carrying cost.

The game starts you off with one rocket launcher that fires a guided missile the next one you purchase for about 15K USD and the next one about fifty. The game also has upgrades like grenade launchers and kamikaze bombs.

Playing the game has a dual control system that can be toggled using the space bar. The first control system is to have you moving in all directions using the arrow keys , if you cant move beyond a point try the jump top arrow key to proceed. After you find yourself a flat plane with lots of folks feel free to press the weapon of your choice and activate the weapons system using your space bar. If you have chosen the missile launcher you will have to press space bar to launch it and thereafter guide its arc tangential direction using the left and right arrow keys …and this is what makes the game very interesting, cause now you can guide your missile to take out maximum thugs and blow to pieces some of their weapons of mass destruction like Rocket warheads or maybe even a tank or their fuel storage systems.



July 15, 2014


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Rags2Riches Farm Game

Rags2Riches Farm Game

Do you want to experience some country life, like never before? Then here is Youda Farmer and one sweet version by Melesta, which I thought Id share with you. Run your farm! … grow crops! and provide all shops with the supplies they need. Its up to you to keep all retailers in this little village happy with your beautiful farm products.

You start off with a little farm providing the baker of his flour to make bread for the villagers. During the game you can upgrade your farm with a chicken coop, stables for your pigs and sheep, fields to grow your tomatoes, grapes, potatoes and vegetables and a pond for your fish. Doing well, more retailers will order your products, expand their business and consequently need more supplies. You are in charge to pick up the right products and deliver them in time.

sheet1Grow wheat, tomatoes, potatoes and grapes, take care of your cattle and catch your fish. Visit the butcher, the (green)grocer, the tailor or the fish shop to deliver your products. Selling more of your products and earning bonuses make it possible to upgrade your farm with new machinery or storage room to increase your productivity. Food processors to feed your animals faster, a compost grinder to speed up the growing of your crops, hay stacks, water towers and so on!

The villagers do work hard, but once in a while they are up for big harvest parties! While doing your business, make sure you pick up the party products to give these people the entertainment they need!

Enjoy the fun of numerous combos, upgrades and specials in this addictive and beautifully designed farm game!

A Quick Game of Snowboarding

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Cold race against the clock

Cold race against the clock

If you are in the mood for a real quick game, one that only lasts about 40 seconds you should try snowboarding. The game is super simple to play and will give you a real time 3D effects that you’re snowboarding down the cliffs of the alps. It also has a crazy wacky rock tune to go with it.

Game play is super simple when you’re at the start line simply move your mouse forward in order to start the snowboard decline. Thereafter the swaying and swag is controlled by minutely moving your key board from left to right. You may want to jump over the ditches lest you get hurt. You jump by clicking the mouse button and you land upon the other side. Do not miss the ramps for if you take off from one and you click jump you just might perform a few flips that will give you some extra points.

Adrenalin pumping adventure

Adrenalin pumping adventure

The game is a scoring game but with its really short playtime and its limited opportunities to score points , folks rarely make it beyond 46! The game gives you about 64 seconds of playtime and in that time you must score max bonus in order to win. Its something like this , if you keep your cursor high on the screen you’re increasing your speed and it becomes more difficult to control your snowboard. There is a mini-map on the far right side of your screen so you have a general idea of how deep the oncoming bends are. You must try and garner bonus points by bashing into the x marked bonus points boards but at the same time avoid the obstacles and ditches. Also it would be worthwhile if you tried a double flip when you take off from the ramp that way you could score more by simply lifting the left mouse click twice; once for a jump remember?

The first screen of snowboarding allows you to choose the color of your outfit and board. The choices are varied between lemon yellow to red and the last two being green and black. One point to note is that if you complete your first race you have the option to submit your score but if you choose to continue playing your terrain is changed. If you do submit your score you will be restarted all over again if you choose to play again. To submit or not to submit that is the question….really depends on how far you wish to go with this one. The terrain of the next level is slightly worse as it is a ravine and it became increasingly difficult to sustain my balance after a triple somersault.

Tower Defense Against Zombies – Game Review

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Minifig Zombie Tower Defense Game

Minifig Zombie Tower Defense Game

I always love a tower defense game because once you do build your towers you get the time off to relax and think up your next strategy while facing the onslaught of the enemy and in Minifig Zombie the enemies are hoards of zombies.

Level one of minifig zombie present you with a path from the graveyard to your home, you will find tiles on which you can build towers to defend the attacks. The right hand side of your view presents you with the map of the location and you can move the visibility square to see where the zombies have reached in your main pane. You are allotted about five hundred game dollars at the beginning of the game which can be used to purchase defense towers , the cheapest available at about seventy dollars a piece.

Once you click on a tower , you purchase them and your current balance is debited, you can then place them anywher on the maze path that leads to home. Once deployed these towers will start firing at oncoming zombies. You will find that the seventy dollar tower fires pellets and takes a while to kill one zombie. The two hundred and fifty dollar tower laser electrocutes the zombies and is very effective beside the pellet missile firing tower. At any point you can click on a deployed tower to sell it and accumulate cash basis a devalued rate.

Personified TD

Personified TD

The game is a scoring game and will not allow you to remain idle or give you a second chance , you wil find that your score is displayed on a daily, weekly and monthly best apart from an all time best scores. At the time of this writing the daily gold is held by Rachid of France, Silver by OMyasa of Thailand and top gold for all time best scores is bagged by Todd of the USA, silver by HHH of Saudi and Bronze by Rod of the UK. Congratulations to all the winners and wish you all success on beating the top score.

July 13, 2014

Island – Save your Island

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Island - An anti Industrialization Game

Island – An anti Industrialization Game

In the game Island you play the lonely role of a cannibal who will do anything to save his island from industrialization and real estate tycoon. Armed with an axe and spears you have to make your way around the island planting trees and watchtowers or sentry’s that will defend you in case of an invasion by the tycoons. The trees that you plant will enable you to earn more nature points which will allow further additions of sentry’s and watch towers.

The game has the villains arriving in steam boats from all over the place on your tiny island and you need to take them out as they come. Destroying a speed boat is achieved by hacking it with your axe until its green line turns red at this time you will find that no more can the saints come marching out of there. If you do not destroy the steam boats waves of industrial age merchants will drop out and they will ruin all your hard work and effort by chopping down your sentry’s and trees turning the land into an infestation of commercialization and industrialization. Your only hope is to destroy the enemy and this is performed by hacking them with an axe or flinging a spear at them. Once your island is conquered the game is over and your reward points score is measured.

Lush Greens Conquered

Lush Greens Conquered

Game play is simple but strenuous as you use the Q or E buttons to with Armour between the axe and the spear. Clicking your mouse will swing the axe or throw the spear. You can move around the island with the arrow keys if you’re right handed or use the wasD keys if you’re left handed.

The beginning of the game has you with 250 dollars of cash with which you can buy trees or sentry towers and plant them on the island. The invaders will start coming in and you will have to swing into action and hack them and their boats in order to save your island. The upgrade levels go one with different types of trees that after harder for the invaders to chop down until you can afford to buy a stone age cannon which will destroy the ships much like sandcastle.

July 7, 2014


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An amazing basketball simulation game

An amazing basketball simulation game

An amazing  game that simulates a fantastic basket ball pro experience is farball, the game that helps you calculate your throwing arcs and simulates the drop in rate. You can actually use this game to better your game on court.

The game is quite simple, point your mouse and click… to make for a proper basket and …score; However, the game physics is quite intricate, with perfect momentum and ellipse equations incorporated to give you a very life like basket ball sim experience. A cheat at this stage is, when you aim for the basket ….Just imagine the opposite trajectory of the ellipse, in a perfect arc…this should go right through the center of the basket…adjust your cursor till u get that gut feel of a perfect curve…and curve ur basket.

The game is a creation of Maciek Gryzyboski, a Polish game creator and master magician in Game Physics, with other greats like SandCastle and Hit the JackPot. News is Maciek is getting ready to enter the ios and android space…The game is set to give you 10 drop chances, and you score one point with each throw. After every throw your distance is changed to ensure you don’t get accustomed to a mechanical distance throw curve.

July 5, 2014

Awesome Vehicles – An amazing nitro car game.

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Super Car Racing

Super Car Racing

Every time a new car game launches, I feel the boy within me and the urge to play such that when I cam across Awesome vehicles within the first few hours of its launch, I strapped right in to play , tweak and see whats different about this one. Very soon did I find that this is an awesome car game in that it has a very simplistic feature and layout giving your fingers less to do and your mind more to crunch. The important difference is that there is no acceleration and the #wasD controls have been minimized to the top and bottom arrows and of course the space bar. In this game you get a predetermined quantity of fuel and need to earn your power through flips a bit like the parable of the talents.  When you do flip, you get nitro fuel injection rewards which take you further.

The objective of the game is simple, get across on a liter of gasoline and keep flipping and doing your tricks to enhance nitro. Enable traction on up curves of the terrain with the forward balance right arrow key . You just might not be able to make it all the way to the end on the first run, but not to worry, you’re gaining reward points that will allow you to purchase power upgrades.Whats most interesting is the upgrade to a jet propulsion engine. If you think this babe a weakling go ahead and slam her to the tracks when you flip , you’d certainly enjoy the power slams brought about by your down arrow…..quite a few game physics concepts adopted in awesome vehicles.

Awesome Vehicle flips and turns

Awesome Vehicle flips and turns

The game is packed with upgrades and shop items, the most interesting of these power ups is the rocket slammer it really is intense giving a feeling of a power slam on your car during flips. You also have the magnet upgrade for attraction power , nitro top ups , 26″ steel radials, hot air balloon lifts , helicopter air lifts and space shuttle air lifts. Skies the limit in this baby. The game takes you three phases world 1 which a normal sandy dune , world two which is more of an icy dune and ud sure need chain wheels and of-course last but not the least world 3 which I will leave as a surprise for you. If you  score and make your  engine the first upgrade you will get  forty percent increase in throughput and earn points faster . You can make your next purchase aka  rocket propulsion increase the slam theme which has this complementing effect of boosting nitro points with excess flips. You should try to get to the Ferrari upgrade … The game is fun and you can play it on Y88 by clicking th images one word of advice is use full screen …panoramic baby!

July 4, 2014

SocialDJ launched 1 hour ago

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SocialDJ mix your youtube music videos

The app that allows you to mix upto 165 youtube videos and 1000 mixes  for continuous listening pleasure and social sharing SocialDJ just released an hour ago. A Y9i.com baby, this app is a debut  and features multi mobile video streaming. The app is free to use and can be used to accumulate your favorite music.

SocialDJ is inherently a facebook app thats supported by a larger backend – the Y9i.com media gaming portal. So once you mix your music and post your DJ note..the music mix is available to the Y9i.com thereby shareable on social networks. The app sports a mixer with a shuffle feature that enables you to make variants of mixes.

Once mixed your mix becomes public permanent authored by you…you may take any available mix and ‘Grind’ it into its components thus achieving the reverse process of music playlist mixing.

The process begins with a search wherein you search for your favorite music artist , song or video and socialDJ gives you platter spread of videos that match your search. Thereafter you need to only click on the videos of your choice or drag them into the mixer… and arrange them in the order that you want your music to play. Arranging is simply a matter of left to right top to bottom priority…so it doent matter if youve not made a perfect matrix of songs or videos as long as one is to the left of the other or on top of the other they will play likewise on SocialDJ. If you do not have a preconceived priority in mind, the app has one just for you …’Shuffle’..once you have ten videos in your mix you can shuffle them to get a random or desired random order for playing.

SocialDJ mobile music

SocialDJ mobile music

If you’re clueless about artists videos or music and auto suggestion feature provokes your thought process that lets you choose your favorite  music. The app requires that you have atleast 5 videos in the mixer before it allows you to mix…the upper limit is limitless and only limited by youtube current technology making 165 videos per mix an upper barrier…but then that at the minimum six and a half hours of music…

Opening with a singleton menu the app looks quite simple at first, but its power is hidden within its usage. As you make new mixes your mixes start appearing on the menu tab…the app also proposes to introduce the facebook scrub feature…a feature that will have you basking off the youtube shares on facebook especially those of social groups dedicated to music be it the Carl Orff community or the like of Beyonce…

SocialDJ Playlist Matrix

SocialDJ Playlist Matrix

The most likeable feature of the app is its sturdy backbone feature that supports all mobiles…nevertheless first hand info is that optimization for iphone and Galaxy variants is under process…the most complex aspect being that of the android clones Applewebkit undertakings…long story short….sometime back most mobile companies thought they could use Apple technology free of cost and escaped royalty patents by changing the definitions of height to width and width to height making for a whole cloud of confusion in the devices market…the result every app has to be tested on every mobile device out there in the world to ensure the rotation and gyration features work as they’re supposed to else you’ll end up having a longer video…(psst…not in terms of duration)..

While you check out this app remember ..its the alpha edition and there lots more to come by in terms of features and innovation…this app is so new that at the time of this writing SocialDJ hasn’t finalized their logo for facebooks acceptance.. https://apps.facebook.com/socialDJ/

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