August 19, 2014

Crystal Story II RPG Game Launch

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Lina in Crystal Story 2

Lina in Crystal Story 2

If you like a good game of adventure without knowing where it is actually going and what is going to be the objective you might want to not miss the new game launch called Crystal Story II. The game which has some ancient story line is actually interesting cause you’re like wandering from scene to scene without actually knowing what next. Its a game that needs to be discovered not won. The game itself will have you playing multiple roles and personalities from anime fiction and is loaded with hundreds of upgrades and infinite random possibilities.

Game play is quite simple as in normal adventure you have the option of simply pointing and clicking your mouse in order to move your character you also have at your fingertips the option to use the arrow keys and hash wasD keys depending on whether you’re left or right handed. The game will take you from adventure to adventure and is designed to be saved and savoured as you get in deep over months and months of free game play on y9. The game will take you into battle with various types of monsters and dragons and the settings for these will bring about a different type of game play basis the Gold and special points you earned you can use your upgrade skills to play out your attack styles.

So getting into the game on y9 the first anime seemed to be that of crystal a young jap girl who fell from the skies and kept wandering in the garden like Alice in wonderland except the fact that she started getting into battle with dragons aptly titled dargons in the game. Every time you defeat a dragon or an opponent you are rewarded with score points also called Sp and a little Gold. Sometimes the enemies drop their weapons and run, if you can feel free to pick these up and use them in you’re ensuing battle. The things you collect along your way through the game are stored in an inventory which is flashed on the menu panel. Anytime you need to use these you can access them through the menu handler.



After defeating the dragon and two smaller opponents I made my way out of the small forest and into the medium forest in exactly the way I entered, but now I have opened the gates of the medium forest and am armed with fire power. Well its only in level two of the game that I find that the anime is not a female character and is actually supposed to be a dragon, cause you’re teamed up with a cute girl in the medium forest. It also becomes clear in this level that they are indeed searching for the Oracle. If its the oracle of Omaha they’re looking in the wrong place cause I hear he’s kicking the bucket shortly and if they’re searching for Oracle inc they might as well bring in Larry Ellison. Its at this stage of the game that you can pull your friend into the game, sadly game saves scores and arrays on your browser else your friend she could have sat outta any part of the world and still played. At this stage while our dude is still stuck with his power of grey skull type fire attack our dudette thief gal has awesome grenadier attacks.



The next battle in this stage is one lined up against a ninja turtle duo, quiet a range in terms of bestiary to be encountered starting out with earthslime, then the Gargantuan monsters, the Goblins and ent. The score bard has about one hundred and eighty one pages of bestiary each prescribing about four making a total of close to seven hundred plus types of beast whew!

In terms of inventory collectibles you have various types of healing portions that help you get over wounds during attacks and battles,bombs that begin with ordinary grenades and are carefully scaled up through the use of dynamites and napalm and certain types of armor and vestments that give additional protection during attacks. In terms of camera option once you do get used to the zoom camera that the game is currently loaded in by default you can try the follow and full camera as they have different effects in terms of game play. The control panel features are intricate and settings are saved in the browser cache, so if you do delete your browser cache you might lose all the level information of your last games.

Certainly this is a game that has to be nurtured and savoured over time as you keep discovering different levels and different adventures, no comprehensive walk through will cover all permutations and combinations of the three levels of forest. If you’re looking for a quicky – this is not it!

Play Crystal Story II

Denise & Lisa

Denise & Lisa

August 15, 2014

Battalion Commander 2

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Battalion Commander

Battalion Commander

Everyone loves an army game and Battalion Commander launched last week brings all the action to you through the use of amazing game graphics engine and game physics engine to give you a vibrant dose of entertainment as you take on hostile forces in a captivating war like gaming scenario.

The game controls on the keyboard are a simple hash-was-D or arrow keys to move around and the enter key of space-bar button to use a pre-selected skill and it is this pre-selected skill that makes all the difference in this action shooting game adventure. The game which starts off with the Battalion leader taking on enemy forces armed with two pistols and one adrenaline shot. The two pistols are abstracted as a battalion of two taking on enemy forces. It is likely that you will just indulge in the game at this level to get a feel for the game engine and the graphics. You will find them responsive and you’re actually able to move around to avoid the forces and shoot at the in tandem. The mission in the this first level is simple break through for about two hundred meters past enemy forces and stab atleast 15 of them also you may administer at-least fifteen bio-combat injections to your enemies.

Battalion Commander

Battalion Commander

Battalion 2 hosts a great deal of upgrades of which you already possess the double pistols and have reporting into you an ally riffle man and you have the adrenaline injection that makes enemy and enemy bullets move slower. The next achievement is a promotion in rank to ‘Corporal’ wherein you can swap your pistols for sub machine guns and you get an ally grenadier instead. Then you get promoted to Sergeant, ow you have at your disposal napalm weapons and your ally is a rifleman. At master Sergeant you do get to possess a shotgun and second lieutenant a jackhammer. The next few levels are Captain, Major and Colonel and your respective arms and ammunition are upgraded to varieties from air strike weapons to missile launchers and the works. Your allies are now troops under your command ranging from air command forces to snipers and marksmen to missile and roket launching troops.

If you do have a passion for combat you will need to experience the game and its performance it is thrilling to get your credentials basis your merits in this game.

August 13, 2014

Band RPG a role playing game

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Earn ur way through life delivering Pizzas and getting ready to rock

Earn ur way through life delivering Pizzas and getting ready to rock

Band RPG appears to be a role playing game where you play a member of a garage band trying to make it in life. The game starts when you leave home and register for the auditions and sports a cute car in which you travel. Pressing the spacebar of your computer enables you too the map view and hence where you want to head out for the day.

The game is played in days and your rewards and scores measured in fame , energy and money levels. The car drive controls are the top arrow for acceleration and the left and right arrows for turning in relative directions. The nice part is the car drive as you sway your car you can actually crash right into the auditions , no parking required here.

The game seems to be a combination of a music, car driving and dress up game. Yes you get to dress up your stars as well. Walking you through the game the first level is naming your band, lets say ‘kaka’ after the Brazilian football star. On day 1 you start out with fifty bucks in terms of money take your car out search for the auditions, press space to view the map. The auditions are on the next block and so is the pizza place. Why not register for the auditions and then go and do some work at the pizza joint to earn enough money for the next day… So turning left from home I swerved my car through the narrow streets until the second big right and there right in the corner I smashed my car into the auditions place….the house with the ‘Bands Wanted board’. A game dialog then askked if I wanted to book my show there which I did. That made me earn a fame of two points cause the attendance was about five persons and I was rewarded with about five bucks.

Bands Wanted Sign

Bands Wanted Sign

Then I crashed into Pizza Butte and delivered a few pizzas for seven dollars an hour. With each delivery my money score increased and you are guided by the green arrow as to reach the house that has ordered pizzas. The house blinks a bit and all you have to do is crash into the house to deliver the pizza. The arrow serves more like a compass to indicate where the next home is that has ordered the pizzas and you will have to alternate the map view to figure out which is the shortest path to reach there and drive there. Pressing your X button will take you off ‘Pizza Delivery Mode’ as soon as you figure out that you have earned enough money for the day.

You can also choose to work a shift at the pizza place and earn seven dollars an hour but that is going to drain your energy and you will have to go home and recoup for the next day. So that is what I did pressed X to stop delivering pizzas and pressed the X button to return to the non delivery mode. I then drove off to the pizza place and activated my work shift. AT the beginning of the shift I had about 139$ in pocket change and by the time I was drained of all energy  I had about 160. So I drove off home and had a sleep. Once you do crash into your own home you get back to the garage band scene and you have the option of pressing sleep to restore your energy units.

This screen displays the amount of fuel you have in your car which will obviously have to be topped up before running dry and is used when you deliver pizzas. You can press sleep and move into day two with restored energy and you can work your way through the days in order to maximize your fame while maintaining and managing your lifestyle.

August 6, 2014

Anime and Manga Smash Beta Release Review

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Anime Smash Beta Review

Anime Smash Beta Review

Anime smash is a complete keyboard martial arts game featuring all female avatars, you could be Sasuki with her knowledge of Lightening Jujitsu from the human race or  Naruta skilled at clone jutsu also of the human race in this single or duble player fighting episode. The game developers initially intended to launch a few other anime mangas like Grimm jane, Ichiga, Sesshomayu,  Inuyasa, Edwina and Seeda but dropped the plans as developing a two scheme manga is in itself mind boggling.

The game comes with interesting moves and game play is quite complex. Firstly, you cannot use your arrow buttons and mouse so this is an all keyboard game. Secondly the keys are shared on two player basis making it difficult to be enjoyed by more than one player.

Getting into the single player game play the top and bottom arrow keys are shared by the W and S buttons respectively. Press F to confirm your decision and activate selection. The game will then have you in a firce martial arts battle against your opponent who could also be your clone. The most simple of the fighting command is A. Pres A six times for a six hit fighting combo simple as that. The WASD commands serve as the arrow keys and if you press the back key which is obviously S and the A key thrice then you will have executed three punches while lounging backwards. Pressng Down and A will give you the ability to sweep and pressing B alone will allow you to throw a kunai. The smoke drop kick can be played with a combination of Down and B and a Back plus B will give you a katana smash. The Back button plus double B will give you slash and the ability to stab while a Back and BC combo will give you slash with lightening.  If you Run forwards and press BB you will execute the front kick launch combo.

anime2A simple C will allow you to use the fireball and a Back plus C will allow you to use the flame breath. Pressing Down C will allow you to use lightening shield and B + C will give you SuperPowers.

With great power comes great responsibility and in this game it is all about having fun. The combinations may appear complex but you do not need to execute them all to fight fair. Just pick up one or two of your favorite moves and have a good old kick boxing time.

August 1, 2014

When Penguins attack a tower defense game

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wva4One of the most interesting genres of online games is certainly the tower defense genre, a type of game where you have money in terms of capital net worth and you can use that to buy towers arms and ammunition for the war. Although seeming heuristic in nature a tower defense game actually delves in to the pits of strategy as you fight off a common cause with the limited resources you have and execute tactics to increase your resources.

When penguins attack is a straight forward tower defense game except in this case you’re fighting on the bare beach against the onslaught of penguins from the left. You start off with about 25 lives and each time one of the penguins get across you lose a life. Once you lose all your life balance the game is over. The game is in fact a pitch of wits to get the penguins not to be able to reach the other side of the beach and unlike other tower defense games where you have pre-determined paths, here it is a straight line the penguins will make for the end until and unless you tactically build barricades in terms of towers that will take them swinging from one end to the other giving you time enough to perform your onslaught successfully.

wpa1The most basic type of tower in this game is the machine gun tower available for about ten bucks, go ahead chose one and place them right in front of the penguin and see what happens. Two things actually one is it fires at the penguins killing them instantaneoult but then it has a recoil time and in that time some of the penguins make it through to the end. The beginning of the game starts you off with about fifty buck thus you can only buy upto five machine gun towers, good enough to start off with though. The towers can always be upgraded to increase their radii of operation and take out any penguins in the area.

The next tower type is the bio tower that fires blobs of bio chemical sludge at the oncoming penguins and slows them out tremendously . These are the ideal towers to be placed before regular machine gun as it slows down the penguins and gets them in the machine gun stage. These bio chemicals are practically useless during air raids so the best way to go about deploying them is click one of the first machine gun towers and sell them at a depreciated price then purchase a bio chemical tower in its place so that the slowed penguins will have to cross the machine gun towers making the machine gun towers more effective in their fire power and degree of effectiveness.

Another effective tower type is the Electro tower that shocks the penguins with a jolt of up to forty thousand volts written as 40KvA. These will take out the arriving penguins but are practically useless against the onslaught of the air force. The end of level results are usually furnished under five sub headings including the level number, the waves withstood, percentage killed, cash remaining and lives remaining . These go into an intricate calculation of overall score.

A Mission dificile

A Mission dificile

The game is a scoring game and if you want your scores recorded on y88 then you will have to register with y88.in else your score is tallied as yet another  dude. You will certainly appreciate the depth that this game reaches when you start to use the fury of the higher end towers that come at about eighty bucks is the flame tower that spews jets of flames that roast the enemy but are useless against the air attack. Well it seem the most effective weapons against air units is the flak tower available for about one hundred dollars of game money as it fires flacks against the air forces that arrive.

The game is a seven level game and each level has numerous waves organised at about three or fours at a time. You may want to quickly upgrade to the plasma tower as these are very high all round defense mechanisms that can fire surface to surface or surface to air plasma shots very essential if you want to make it through to level seven and conquer the game.

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