August 1, 2014

When Penguins attack a tower defense game

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wva4One of the most interesting genres of online games is certainly the tower defense genre, a type of game where you have money in terms of capital net worth and you can use that to buy towers arms and ammunition for the war. Although seeming heuristic in nature a tower defense game actually delves in to the pits of strategy as you fight off a common cause with the limited resources you have and execute tactics to increase your resources.

When penguins attack is a straight forward tower defense game except in this case you’re fighting on the bare beach against the onslaught of penguins from the left. You start off with about 25 lives and each time one of the penguins get across you lose a life. Once you lose all your life balance the game is over. The game is in fact a pitch of wits to get the penguins not to be able to reach the other side of the beach and unlike other tower defense games where you have pre-determined paths, here it is a straight line the penguins will make for the end until and unless you tactically build barricades in terms of towers that will take them swinging from one end to the other giving you time enough to perform your onslaught successfully.

wpa1The most basic type of tower in this game is the machine gun tower available for about ten bucks, go ahead chose one and place them right in front of the penguin and see what happens. Two things actually one is it fires at the penguins killing them instantaneoult but then it has a recoil time and in that time some of the penguins make it through to the end. The beginning of the game starts you off with about fifty buck thus you can only buy upto five machine gun towers, good enough to start off with though. The towers can always be upgraded to increase their radii of operation and take out any penguins in the area.

The next tower type is the bio tower that fires blobs of bio chemical sludge at the oncoming penguins and slows them out tremendously . These are the ideal towers to be placed before regular machine gun as it slows down the penguins and gets them in the machine gun stage. These bio chemicals are practically useless during air raids so the best way to go about deploying them is click one of the first machine gun towers and sell them at a depreciated price then purchase a bio chemical tower in its place so that the slowed penguins will have to cross the machine gun towers making the machine gun towers more effective in their fire power and degree of effectiveness.

Another effective tower type is the Electro tower that shocks the penguins with a jolt of up to forty thousand volts written as 40KvA. These will take out the arriving penguins but are practically useless against the onslaught of the air force. The end of level results are usually furnished under five sub headings including the level number, the waves withstood, percentage killed, cash remaining and lives remaining . These go into an intricate calculation of overall score.

A Mission dificile

A Mission dificile

The game is a scoring game and if you want your scores recorded on y88 then you will have to register with y88.in else your score is tallied as yet another  dude. You will certainly appreciate the depth that this game reaches when you start to use the fury of the higher end towers that come at about eighty bucks is the flame tower that spews jets of flames that roast the enemy but are useless against the air attack. Well it seem the most effective weapons against air units is the flak tower available for about one hundred dollars of game money as it fires flacks against the air forces that arrive.

The game is a seven level game and each level has numerous waves organised at about three or fours at a time. You may want to quickly upgrade to the plasma tower as these are very high all round defense mechanisms that can fire surface to surface or surface to air plasma shots very essential if you want to make it through to level seven and conquer the game.

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