September 19, 2014

Jet Ski Rush – Quite A Rush!

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jet3The good old game of jet ski-ing gives you an inkling into the field of water sports as you will jet ski over waves and ramps to earn reward points. The objective of the game is to jump over the obstacles that either blow you to pieces or give you a negative grading.

The games controls are quite simple use your space bar to jump and top arrow key to accelerate. You would want to use your left and right arrow keys to perform flips and stunts as they bring balance into the game. Speaking of balance you might not want to lose it and flip into the water lest you become another skull in the deep.

The game sports an awesome nitro mode that is gained by skiing through the nitro sign that will get you accelerated through the loop and gain more points, be careful of your decent.

jet5The game is awarded by points that you get for performing front flips , collecting stars and escaping the obstacles and swans. The game screen sports a timer that measures your progress and speed and you might want to reach the checkpoint fast in order to not get frustrated with repeat attempts. Once you cross a checkpoint an incident or accident will have you start off from there.

The game gives you a total of five chances to make mistakes termed as lives and the end of game score board will furnish the details of your skiing adventure fragmented into points for total power ups aka nitros that you have taken to earn the loops and adjoining rewards,points for red blue and golden stars collected, total front flips and total back flips that gets tallied into an overall total score.

Its quite difficult to get past level one of the game without using deceleration at the end when you find four obstacles lined up immediately after the ramp. If you get the first one right you get all the inter jumps right, you get it wrong and you will lose a life.




September 15, 2014

Pool Profi 2 – Game Review

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Pool Profi 2

Pool Profi 2

Oh how lovely to indulge in a game of Pool and if you’re a bit under the weather to make it to the Pool club, you could always indulge in one on y9. Pool Profi 2 is one game that has been standing the analytics engine for an above average time of play seeming to indicate that it provides a good online gaming experience.

Game play with Pool Profi is as simple as placing your white cue ball on the pool table aiming and shooting. The objective of the game is to pocket all the ball except the cue ball and you can aim your cue and cue ball to any of the balls and your angle of strike and spin angle meter will appear. A power gauge will appear and you will have to choose the right amount of power to thrust the ball in . Once you trust your judgement on the three factors the strike angle, the spin and the thrust you can click you mouse to take your shot.

Have fun playing Pool Profi 2.

September 13, 2014

GovOf Poker Still Rocks

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Beat A Pair - Gov. Of Poker

Beat A Pair – Gov. Of Poker

Governor of Poker is an awesome game if you’re just starting out to learn the tricks of Poker. The game developed by Youda has been a scream since 2009 and is available for play on y88. The game has a simple setting of the Wild West and you can choose your character that you’d like to enter the poker room as either a CowBoy or Mary Jane and is not about gambling but fun of learning poker from the strategy and tactical perspective.

The game is  played in rounds with lots to win including becoming Governor of the town San Baba. The game goes that you have to play poker against every home and win the city , then you have to win every city to become governor. The first part you play against Quinn Williams who brings about 200$ worth property to the table and 8$ in weekly income, Fred Scott who brings about 100$ worth property to the table and earns a measly 4 $ a week etc. You are stuck with about 600$ worth property and some reputation to manage.

The game starts when you make a trip to the saloon and start a round of poker playing for homes , cities and the entire state of Texas. You will be seated at the table and the game then starts displaying the hats of those playing against you….seeming absorbing the character types into personalities. Once you are in Bobs cafe the message board indicates the game type and how much you bring to the table…Bob announces the Big Blind and small blind values…depending upon the hand you’re dealt you can decide to fold meaning you give in, raise the bets or draw a challenge with a call. Go ahead go crazy and raise in the first round for everyone’s folding…

medal1In its most rudimentary form the game is decided basis the cards you hold in your hand and those that are dealt on the table. The person with the highest set of cards that match any of the forms below is the winner of the round, particularly according to hierarchy of rankings….actually to learn the game simply dive in and bet away (no real gambling here)…and refer the ranking board when you want to get comfortable with why you won or lost…

Ranking of hands
Royal Flush – Ace , King , Queen , Jack, and 10 in the same category example spades or hearts.
Straight Flush –  98765 in the same type example hearts
Four of a Kind – Any four cards of the same kind like 4 x Aces or 4 X kings
Full House –  Three aces and two kings
Flush –  All hearts or all spades
Straight – Just like a straight flush accept that it can be a sequence determined from any significant number
Three of a Kind – Any three cards that are of the same value example 10 etc
Two Pairs – Two pairs of the same value example two Aces and two kings
One Pair –  two aces etc
High Card –  One Ace

The rules are simple enough to let you know that if you see a high card the last of the priority order you can get a level of grit to increase the bet and play on.



Year 9 Favorite Games – Recall BlastPasts

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Y9 StuntBikePro

Y9 StuntBikePro

What were Year 9’s most favorite games, a little twisted flashback to the inception of Y9i.com that signifies Year 9 and the Games that made it to the top ten positions like Stunt Bike Pro,  Sandcastle,Gun Nomads,Potion Panic 2, Arcuz, Zombie Apocalypse Left 4 Dead Survival Series ,Hero Fighter, Dress Up Rush,Stunt Pilot and Cyclomaniacs.

Rank #1  – Stunt Bike Pro – SBPro was by far the most challenging and awesome game of Y9 , a game created by Xodo whose fame extends to the likes of  Zombie Attack 3D and Drift Racing 1 among st others. The game is spliced in levels giving you a choice of one dirt bike and one drag bike at first with the carrot of completing three levels to unlock the more advanced species of DucatiMonsters.The same has the same #wasD controls but with ultra sensitivity on the balancing aspects. Survival time on SBpro is the name of the game and if you can do three minutes overcoming hurdles and balancing over dead vehicles you should be able to garner a toprank.

Rank #2  – Sandcastle The bastion fortress game recording in excess of ten million plays in 2009 was Sandcastle, a game by



Polish game creator Maciek whose skills in Box2D were put to the test in this pencil bomber. The game has a very melancholic bagpipe tune while the oncoming enemy navy approaches the shore and requires a tangent arc precision while thrusting your missiles. The game was one of the first successful deployments of game physics engine and has its rudiments in another favorite called farball.

Gun Nomads

Gun Nomads

Rank #3  – Gun NomadsThe mercenary game of y9 was Gun Nomads starring a Mark Strong look alike the game has a welcome to the punch tone set in the year 2031AD and thus spake Nostradamus story-lines. The game uses both the #wasd and mouse aim click to fire controls. The controls give you the option of ducking or high vaulting jumps using your down and top arrow keys respectively. If you actually have the patience to read the story line you will wonder whether SamRaski the game creator has read too much history of American Civil War or is a true ignited black prophet of the future devastation to fall upon the united states in 2031AD.

Rank #4 – Potion Panic 2One of those fun with flatulence games that made it to the top rockers of 2009 was

Potion Panic

Potion Panic

Potion Panic 2, a game that had you mixing recipes of disaster and firing your recipe pies at zombie skeletons that attacked in a very orderly manner. What degrades the game, is a lack of game physics engines involved in cannon fire without which you have to move your mouse around far and wide to cause devastation to oncoming zombie skeletons….with game physics engine this game would have been so cool.



Rank #5 – Arcuz The adventure game for those who had time on their hands in 2009 was Arcuz, the story of a village whose ancient curses get unlocked and pitches you in battle against the dark demons of the underground. The game has a neat control system with an extended #wasD including J to attack or talk to persons you come across and K to cancel.The game sports a map that helps you meander you way through the course of adventure and is feature packed with quests and game scores . Alas , the game saving feature was built with mochigames, and that company is no more….so ignore the save feature with mochigames whilst you adventure.

Rank #6 – Zombie Apocalypse Left4 Dead Survival Series The thrash metal zombie killer of y9 was

Zombie Apocalypse Left 4 Dead Y9 Survival

Zombie Apocalypse Left 4 Dead Y9 Survival

Zombie apocalypse giving you a choice of six featured avatars in six nitro levels with six characteristic differences excluding luck in strength agility and endurance one vector 1 and speed , accuracy and perception on vector 2. Get off to a great start with your closest avatar and kill em zombies or become em, your destiny gets fine tuned here.

Hero Fighter

Hero Fighter

Rank #7 – Hero Fighter A Marty Wong special, descendant of Tsun Zoo, hero fighter brings to the table the art of war with #wasXDFR and special effects including health and Mana points. One of the few games in Y9 that supported upto three players on a single keyboard, Marty had ambitions on a server based version to allow you to play against your friends with the use of your mobile and that is till date a work in progress….maybe its slated for the next Y9.

Rank #8 – Dress Up Rush The boutique store that made the box office in y9 was certainly dress up rush. A

Dress Up Rush

Dress Up Rush

game where in the customers arrived and were seated in the most gentile manner, handed a magazine or brochure where they could leisurely go through and look for what fit their ideas of fashion. They then indicated their choices and you as the store keep have to fulfill their orders. The game is certainly based on fundamentals of queuing and store management and will be ideal for any gal who wishes to ensure customer satisfaction.

Stunt Pilot

Stunt Pilot

Rank #9 – Stunt Pilot The most adrenaline packed air flight adventure of Y9 was Stunt Pilot, a game that used relative ballistic controls to make it all the more interesting. So this is not just a simple #wasD game it is a relative WasD game and you will have to take controls as the pilot in the plan not as the gamer on the desktop. The game will have you moving through loops and performing aeronautical stunts and if you find the controls don’t actually gel remember you are the pilot in the plane and pressing the top arrow will move you in the same direction as if you were seated in the plane, not just to the top, especially when you’ve turned turtle.

Rank #10 – Cyclomaniacs Last but not the least we have at number ten cyclomaniacs the cycle race adventure that stars you in the avatar of a robot competing in a cycle race against many competitors most note worthily Elvis the king of the mean street. The game is a simple #wasD and has bonus and game  money actuation levels to further steam power your adventure.




Mix It Big

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MixItBigWhat happens when you add infinite scroll and Mix It Shuffle to a gaming site, well you have MixItBig a feature brought to you by Y88.in that allows you to shuffle through the 28,000 odd games like a pack of cards. The MixItBig button appears at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and allows you to continuously add games to the mix by scrolling downwards.

If you take into account the recent innovations brought to you on Y88.in including SocialDJ the youtube mixer, Mix It to rank game order and now MixIt Big to leverage infinite scroll in Mixing behavior, you’d conclude that were on a ‘mixing roll’.

This fun feature which treats games like a pack of cards allows you to ruffle through the games and have fun watching all the games rolling by. This gives you the player a train window view into the wide spectrum of games available on Y88.in , it also eases you and relieves you of the task of searching and finding the right game of choice to play.

The technology aspect of this mashup is actually the fusing of three Jquery technologies, the first by Paul Irish that allows you to scroll infinitely the second by Dessandro that arranges the games like a mason lays bricks and the third by kunkalabs that sorts , ranks and animates the mixing effect.

If you take into account the advanced game tagging feature that destroys itself when misused then you’d say…were having fun bringing you the latest in technology to make your free game more fun.

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