November 19, 2014

Jumping Long

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Olympic Long Jump Game

Olympic Long Jump Game

Online Games are maturing in an effort not only to keep up with their other dimensional counterparts like the PS4 and XBox one but also, to make them playable on android and other smart phones. One such game launched last week was Jumping Long, a game in which the game developer Danish has actually thought out the complexities of the game to bring all controls down to one finger. This makes the game easily playable on any device that support flash. Sadly, the ipad and iPhone do not not cause they cant , its more of business and politics played on the part of Steve Jobs.

Long Jump Athlete

Long Jump Athlete

Jumping long is an awesome game simply because of its depth and simplicity. Based on the athletic event Long Jump that takes place in most sport meets. The important aspects of the game have been neatly classified into three parts one being the speed of the run and the fact that you do not step off boundaries and two being the angle with which you jump. As in all warm ups getting the tight mix of these three crucial factors actually is the essence of the game.

The Run 



The run presents you with a speed simulation response challenge kinda meter wherein your objective is to get the maximum speed. Wouldn’t be much of a game if you could make this with ease, it looks like the engine presents a math engine where in the slower speeds indicators move slower and the higher speed move faster making it more difficult for your reaction to get max speed. This certainly improves your acumen in terms of response time. Once you do set the run, Mr. Ath starts jogging along at the desired speed, if you’re really not happy with the chosen speed there is a small refresh button on the left corner to restart the run engine. The tun is actually activated by getting the run speed math indicator to work, this is performed by holding down the spacebar button for two seconds. The indicator then simulates various speed levels and you have to respond at the exact level you wish to run…easier to choose lower speeds , but then you’d only end up falling like a potato The run is filled with a score circuit that indicates your running speed. Once you do get into the run, you have to activate the jump point. Ensure this is done before the line , if you do it to soon… lol. If you do it to late its a foul. Activating the jump point will set the scene for the next challenge….the jump.

The Jump

jump pointNow that were certain weve got a good run speed and not over stepped the boundary the game presents the next challenge- choosing the right angle to jump given your running speed. A kind of optimized angle should be chosen , which you will become adept to after a few trials. I wonder if the calculations adopted in the game engine actually account for real time long jump stats …it would be fun to simply play this game and improve our athletic abilities in real. Now that you’ve chosen the right angle …Mr.Potato will plonk. Whats wrong you may ask….why only two meters…well the game is filled to the brim with delightful power ups …hey …maybe the Olympics is at the standards when we perform the really long jumps…guess I dint get there yet , will keep you updated. Its interesting to see the sarcastic comments by the audience when you make like a two meter jump.Whats most interesting though are the power ups….every successful jump gives you reward points and you can use these to buy upgrades. You will find that as you keep upgrading your skill sets your jump length improves….so for starters there is a speed boost upgrade that increases your maximum speed to a certain extent. Then there is the jump distance upgrade that increases your jump distance by 10%. The you have the focus upgrades …you can actually slow down the spped selector…to choose a better speed level with a one hunderd and fifty point upgrade you can also slow down the jump angle selector for 150.

The art by Matthew Alex could have been more appealing , given the fact that an exhaustive graphics engine has been inculcated into the game. Further, the conceptual story line could have been improved, as I play the game I get the feeling that im only in the trial events as the stands are empty yet bearing sponsor names…somehow giving the impression of a flopped sports meet , not something like the Olympics…The game with its versatality, could have actually done much better in terms of providing a better user experience, if it had to take the player virtually into a different setting that the player normally would not be in…..like the Olympics …with the stands filled to capacity and loud chorus of cheers….but then again I necver got passed five meters…but did enjoy the game all the way through…I hope you do to 🙂achievements jump angle jump point potatio ready start1 the jump The run upgrades


November 13, 2014

CubiKill, A frustrated employees Game – Review

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cubikillToday I thought I’d share a game that every frustrated employee would love. Its called CubiKill, a pun on cubical we share at office, the game is about a psycho who was released after his internship at the local asylum and is released into the local society. The man has a job at an office but every ones getting him on edge. The game needs to be played with your volume turned up as it is fun this way. You need to build your inventory of things to throw at people in the first two levels until you earn your own baseball club to thulp them. Pick any room and meet with th respective manager and sure as hell he will talk you down. Pick up things to throw on him and click on his face and ensure you do so multiple times until its finished. The puzzle of the game is to find all employees and smother them. You will need to experiment a bit with doors and arrows to see where it gets you in the office. The next level will not be reached until you find everyone in the office. while Playing the game you might want to keep a watch on your scores and your titles earned on the left top corner of the screen. The game does have a good classical piece in the background that offers a sense of relief and is cluttered with slapstick voice comedy all over.

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