January 19, 2015

Leon Wars – Review

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The infamous Leon WarsEvery now and again we come across an intriguing story that delves deep into the realms of myth and history drawing significant lessons and morals in present day life. One such story has actually been culled and meshed into a free online game , worthy for kids to toy around with and learn their history lessons at the same time. The story is a story of ambition, deceit and betrayal, the story of King Roderick the Visigothic King of Hispania between 710 and 712 AD. The story is one of a rumored rape leading to the Kings men betraying their king ….’Well, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’ . The King eventually escapes to prove that his was not rape however in the melee his son was murdered.

army unitsIt is quite well known that when people come under immense oppression they often see shadows of darkness, kinda impersonating them in art forms that tell the future and outcome of their present actions…..’Shadows and Dust’ it was termed in the movie Gladiator. Well, in this game the shadows are called ‘Dray Locks’ and abstracted to fictional monsters.  The story is a good read in any form, and the game is real good in inculcating historic facts in kids, the game is featured on y9.

The Kings of Leon, King Roderick was father to a murdered son. Supposedly murdered by his own slave in this game depicted as the monster and the monster representing the race ‘DrayLocks’. The story is just that.. unbiased, fact,fiction,fable and history. You can choose to play on any side in this game, as you see yourself concerning the story.

From the game perspective the DrayLocks are thirsting for power and had enough lust of Power that they’d execute humans and take away their power. The struggle for supremacy is ongoing as both humans and Draylocks compete and conflict to conquer.

Game Play

draylocksOnce you do choose a side you will find that both sides have their own strengths and weaknesses which result in war like advantages and disadvantages  which either aid or befall the conquering on new lands. So as you build your army and teach them new skills get them to conquer new lands and exterminate the competition. The game allows you to have up to three armies at the beginning and they are well assembled at the castle. Each of the three army comprises a commander and fighting units, for sake of brevity the commander is termed hero. The role of the commander is to enhance the skill sets of his army and command them into battle.

In the game you will be rewarded with points which can be used as game money. Use your game money to purchase mercenaries. After you do purchase a commander place him and his fighting unit in the battle squares. You will need to carefully ascertain the strengths of the units while placing them as it is quite obvious that certain moves could leave your forces vulnerable to attack.

The rest of the game is all about healing, upgrading and conquering.

There is also a research unit  which can be used with caution to invent  or discover new combat arsenal.


January 17, 2015

Introducing ‘Sorcerer’

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Sorcerer a fun puzzle game

simply addictive puzzle game

A refreshingly new game to check out , that can also be played on mobiles is The Sorcerer a puzzle ball shooter. It has three levels allowing you to graduate from making slower decisions placing you on  different paths through which colored balls float like beads on a necklace to  make their way reaching the black hole.

Your objective  is to shoot and match off balls by color. Now if you think that is oversimplified , consider this…you dont lose points for ‘universe shots’ aka balls floating away into the universe, but if you do match a ball to its wrong co-ordinate the balls increase in length only making the noose shorter. Now that give room for several game plays and the most notorious in terms of making higher Top Scores is ‘blind shooting’ .

Blind shooting is the technique of launching balls irrespective of colour to the same position, Now what’s expected of this is sooner or later the ‘path ball’ will be eliminated and groups matching off from your very own shots quickly increase your top scores while simultaneously alluding you to the black hole.

Although, a trivial objective the game does have its merit in the excitement that builds as you try your best to cut the chain by exploding ‘tweeners’ , getting the train to move backwards and buying some time. Whats more exciting is the curvy path that the ball takes, for one  it appears long and you think it isn’t overwhelming but the speed of the balls approaching does vary…and you are in for a surprise…’damn!’

No more words….you should try this game immediately! Game play is simple, if you are on a desktop or latop simply move your mouse or hover and click (left) to shoot. Thats it! If you’re playing on mobile, its touch screen sensitive….

Some of the gotchas….this game requires ‘javascript’…all the latest browsers have javascript…go ahead and try out the most addictive but simple game ….Sorcerer.

January 15, 2015

Lin Chung Combat

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lincung2A super quick game that has nothing to do with combat or martial arts, but tags on them like a soup before supper. The game is high energy quick draw and super simple. Arrow indicators stream up your stream to a target. When they reach the target you need to click the same arrow on your key board. A kind of mental response programming game that brings the art of focus more than anything else. The game is spiced up with a story line straight from China…..no woner they call it chinese whispers. The game has power ups, visions and panther anergy all of which are not required.

lincungObviously the game creators were schizophrenic when they thought up the story line which goes thus….’ In an  ancient land where High Roller  evil minions lunched freely and dictated their  attack on  the counterpart Big Green, Lin Chung was the only champion to defend the righteous …blah blah…

The game is highly intoxicated with Chinese remedies for scabies which include  ‘NeuroSky – Mindset’ which they tried to sell …but failed. So dont go around clicking anyother button other than play or you will only go to dead links of a mental economy that failed miserably. The game is pleasurable though as you bring Vivox from the dressing room and skip light heatedly to the tunes played on the bamboo flute.

If youre looking for a 60 second game to test response mechanism …this is it. Don’t read the instructions unless you have nothing better to do with your time.

Code Zombie

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code zombie2A sniper Zombie attack shootout that will have you craving for more is code Zombie. The game comes off a bit confusing at first when you see all the zombies attacking the town but in fact is super easy. Just pick your zombie that you want to shoot down, Zoom into range and shoot it down. Try anything else and you will be stuck. The game presents itself in a broken township being raided like a battlefield with many  ghosts from purgatory stalking like pestilence in the darkness. You even have a dog zombie eating human flesh on a car.

Now just keep calm and get ready for your  sniper mission briefings…which ironically doesnt show up caus the zombies got the general. Now, according to information in several illegal sources from secret military bases, certain biological experiments backfired giving rise to the spate of supernatural occurrences as the direct outcome  of  biological warfare experimentation’s.

Precious lives are at stake and you are the sniper hero to the rescue. Sneak into the coast  and get the spread of zombie virus in check for as zombies eat human casualties they become zombies as well and strenthen the predators of hell.

code zombie3Game play is quite interesting and sniper attack cannot be issued without a zoom in. Note carefully the path of each zombie you mark and zoom in using the spacebar . Then as the zombie comes into your target view a mouse click will activate fire, taking out the zombie instantly. You then retract zoom using the space-bar and identify your next mark before taking then down. Game caution is instilled with an ‘Alert’, if you see the alert you have to hide by pressing the ‘A’ button which activates the camouflage cover. Once the alert dies down you can get back into the firing range by pressing the ‘S’ button. You have 7 shots before a reload and you need to press R to activate the reload.

January 13, 2015

Plazma Burst Review

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Forward to the past shooting game by Eric Gurt

Forward to the past shooting game by Eric Gurt

If your’e in the mood for a nice retro multi-slayer cosmonaut type game you should give Plazma Burst a try, also called a blast from the past it has all the elements of a 1980’s arcade shooting game. Action packed from the word go with 16 layers of fulfillment, Plazma Burst is jammed with goodies in terms of game money that you earn as reward points and the gimmicks these can purchase….these include pitols,rifles, shot guns and rocket launchers. Some spice is also added with imaginary weapons like Plasma Cannons and electri shocks. Of course some simulation effects are taken into consideration on defense goodies with a simple helmet and some armor….may be required if you want to go all the way.

You may want to start off with the ‘Easy’ option , as the game comes with three levels of difficulty. However, you’d find playing for keeps at the ‘Hard’ level as you tend to keep your score on the global leader boards a little longer. Whats interesting is the subtle features Eric Gurht has added to give the game a cold war era effect…for one your enemy is always blue blooded, two is a subtle depiction of cold war colors on the enemy.

Rapid Fire Plazma Burst

Rapid Fire Plazma Burst

The game also sports some David vs. Goliath type action, or is it Darth Vader, at least seemingly!  Although the theme sounds like a Karen Carpenter interplanetary escapade, it does have an element of violence and blood shed which ironically can be controlled basis your taste for savage violence.The background music incidentally is by akustik and not Karen. The built in controls for the game naturally use the left and right arrows to make your way around left or right, a bit like toy story when you jump cause you need to press both spacebar and the up arrow. You can bend down by pressing the shift button and the down arrow and you actually need to get the sequencing right before you try out the fire power. If you have enough points to buy upgrades , you can choose your weapons basis their numbers depicted by keying in any number from one to nine. Press enter or G to launch a grenade and P if you want to take a pee break.

blue blooded soldiers

blue blooded soldiers

The game has a sad story line attached, something about your race being destroyed and you need revenge, so you take up this inter galaxy mission but end up with the wrong enemy…an enemy nevertheless. With a very sensitive angular point and click type fire power the game does entertain and bring out the Buzz Lightyear in you. It gets interesting when you earn the level that gives you a cool buggy….then as though by competitive forces, drones are out to get you and your buggy…Jeff Bezos were you playing this game when you had your kidney stones attacked and rescued by the Ecuadorian navy? The NPR blog stated ‘Every superhero has his origins from the declaration of vision ‘…which has its origins from the games people play. So i do hope you relax this weekend and take a ride through the past with some real free retro gaming….it pays to unwind.

Play Game.


Goliathtype Vader

Goliathtype Vader

LRRH On Y9 – Little Red Riding Hood goes global

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Littlle Red Riding Hood Twisted

Littlle Red Riding Hood Twisted

Twisted Adventures: Little Red Hood…After ages do we witness a nursery tale becoming not only an online game but also an android playable video game. Yes Little red riding hood, the girl who made it into real psycho analytic theories also called LRRH is the happy story of a little girl who loves adventure, daisies and rabbits. She goes prancing in the wood in search of her favorite flowers…..and in this edition she jumps from world to world to escape the bad creatures that abound collecting apples, flowers and freeing her trapped little bunny friends..

The game begins with ‘The garden of thorns’ wherein little red is prancing across the garden and these monsters attack her so she simply hops skips and jumps to a different world and collects the apples and frees the rabbits. If you do get her through chapter 1 without falling off the world then you may enter the next chapter aptly titled the ‘dangerous hills’….here the challenge is set higher and you have to collect at least twenty apples and free at least eight bunny rabbits….talk about productivity! The game developed by pandazone also features a third chapter titled the phantom woods where little red faces the challenge of collecting at least forty apples and free at least sixteen rabbits.

meet redIt is an interesting journey into 36 levels of game play, where the entire movement and control is centered on one finger making it easy for android game play as well. The game has stunning graphics and is quite twisted in their depiction of how little red hood traverses the globe and jumps from one planet to another making her way across boundaries to different levels and different worlds …..meeting new and adventurous situations. The game is available for freeplay on y9. You can collect all your goodies cause this game is enriched with a vast array of collectible items to score over. If you do get tired of playing you can afford to take a break , because the game stores achievement levels as long as you do not delete your browser cache…so next time round you feel like little red riding hood…just start off right where you left.

Click here to play!

January 9, 2015

Go Repo – New Game Reivew

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Go Repo

Go Repo

Were you in tune with the news items that hit headlines with the sub-prime crisis? The fall of behemoths fanny mae and freddy mac and a few so called giant banks sparked of a series of events that seem to have motivated game author notdoppler to bring out the flash game ‘Go Repo’. The repo as we know are the inter bank interest rates charged for daily loans banks take from other banks in order to overcome a shortfall of money to clear their cheques presented on that day. Ironically when the
economy crashes the repos rise…..giving rise to calamities like withdrawals, defaulters and thugs getting hired to reclaim the defaults from the folks who suddenly got caught in the slope of events.

The game introduces three thugs Fred, Meat head and due to womens lib a queenbee called stompy…she actually lives upto her name…cause thats what she does….stomp on all the defaulters….like they started the chaos in the first place. The game also sports
so called loser Q&A …with the prompt phrase…’Its my job’ by the thugs ….In retrospect at the rise of such phenomena if only the defaulters could unite….do they not know what power they have in their numbers?

freddymac meathead and hoe stompy in Go Repo

freddymac meathead and hoe stompy in Go Repo

Getting back to the game, the controls are simple, the first part is basis the thug assigned you need to empty the buildings of all their furniture ….simply press ‘M’ when you reach a piece and Meathead will throw it of the balcony.

Use the arrow keys to make your way though the buildings and when youre done, you might want to fill your van with the booty ….simply press N twice with any item on the ground and from any distance watch as the goons throw the items in the van…no empathy here.


Re- collection agents are bagging your stuff

Slash used to play with gunsnroses, but here slash serves to change goons. Choose your goons basis the tasks being performed and their capabilities.Fred is the ninjatype cause he can jump and perform a knee dive attack, Meathead lost his job at the wwe hes good at the body slam and throwing heavy items and ofcourse we already introduced you
to Stompy and her smells cause shes the only one who can knock people over without throwing objects at them…very lady like. When you need to repo heavy items like cars and fridges , get meathead into fray, he just lift a finger and the job will be done. Of course Fred has his traits too, he can jump high and reach ledges others can’t …so you just have fun in choosing who you’d assign for the task and get your ass on the leaderboard.

The game is pre-loaded with a tutorial …once you get the surf board that’s finished. It also sports a conveyor belt to make the job easy for the repo agents.Scoring is basis items being retrieved and each item flashes its price point in terms of reward points that you will earn.

The game is being debuted ..don’t just play it, play it to win ….for after all its a game and someone said all the worlds a stage.

Play Game

January 7, 2015

Heroes Of Mangara – Part 1

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BeVs lara

Heroes Of Mangara

Given a choice, whom would you choose Bea or Lara?

Considering the fact that Lara Croft of  ‘tomb raiders’ comes with excess baggage and the requirements of nearly 600$ in a PS4 or Xbox one, I’d choose Bea, cause she’s free, available and the sexiest archer of the the tower defense series. For those of you who are not aware, the tower defense is a ‘strategy piece’ wherein you make important decisions on the allocations of resources , and sit back and watch your initial assessments perform in the real sim….a bit like what Larry Page does in Google when he thinks of MarkusZucks III and the facebook effect. This game has its origin in ancient china when nulls were military generals , partly cause they had long hair and no families.

Beaches of Mangara

Beaches of Mangara

The Heroes of Mangara is a 16 level game, wherein it appears level 1-5 were designed to let you learn the tricks of the trade, magic spells, types of heroes …and basically get a hang of it. What I don’t understand about the game is the twists introduced with level1 being the landing and the sure progression through levels 7, it becomes apparent that although were invading Mangara the tactical side of the game is more defensive….like we were being raided or something. Guess NoxGames has to twist the story a bit.

The good part is, your levels are actually saved and you can restart any game at the level where you laid off. It also sports your achievements on an international leader-board….to check your tactical abilities with your peers …for better bench-marking, I guess!

Hellac Level 9 Mage

Hellac Level 9 Mage

The game has a fair measure of underworld beasts and warriors and of course magic potion- a bit Harry Potter inspired Black Magic with a nice text book that starts of with blank pages and soon becomes a reference of black magic spells achieved through merit.

Meet Helac a level 9 Mage, do you position him in tower 1 or Bea, well Bea is an archer and quite an optimistic one at that but you’d need to simulate through levels one to five to understand their inherent strengths and weaknesses against various beasts of the netherworld and make your tactical decisions as you progress through the levels.

Walkthrough – Level 1

Level 1 of the game presents a clean slate, taking you to the beaches of Mangara where it all starts….’the landing’. Your resources , financially speaking, is only 375$ and you need to make cost decisions here, every hero needs to be housed in a tower that serves as their defense and fortress from the invaders.They come in two varieties a wood tower costs about 60$ and a concrete one about 75$, the heroes wages are governed by labour laws, Mangara headhunters punt Bea at about a hundred a level and Hellac is pricey at about 150$ a level.

A cheat at this stage, is to try to understand the powers and spells of your most potent warriors and raise their skills to their optimum levels. Levels 1-5 maybe a cakewalk,but if you’re not adept by then about the skill sets and effectiveness of the heroes against the various types of attacks and enemies, then you’d find it difficult to manage level 6 upwards.

Bea Of Mangara

bea of Mangara

So in this stage, it will be wise to select Bea over Hellac, as you can use the simulations and dry runs of level 1 to raise her archery skill sets.Assuming you chosse Bea and a tower to house her, that will leave you with about 200$ , not enough to house Hellac…..So dive right in ,click on a tower and place it upon the enemy path and go ahead and recruit  Bea….press the play button on the right corner to start the attack and keep an eye on your wallet at the top of the screen. If Bea is not able to handle the enemy at this stage you have access to limited fire magic power spells to help her through, once your wallet does cross 210 …feel free to add one more tower with Hellac as backup.

The cheat I introduced you to above is a bit unorthodox as you’re getting Hellac to backup Bea; keep in mind our objective is to understand the super powers that come with the heroes and to enable them to graduate their levels….so that they could be more effective in the battles post level 6.

But, in fact both Bea and Hellac have apprentice backups , who are priced at about half of their masters.

In the next part of this two part series, I will introduce you to the beasts of Mangara and most importantly,  the magic spells….but till then feel free to dive into the exciting series of ‘Heroes of Mangara’.

Play Game.

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