April 5, 2015

Magical Glory – New Game Launch

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Magical Glory

Magical Glory

One of the games launched last week is an interesting mix of archery and robotics along with a fairy tale story line. The game called Magical Glory is about an empire, a race that causes destruction and renders a boy orphan. This bot was take in by a wizard and though the arts of sorcery and archery two very important qualities for ancient battle. But the battle is no way ancient as it involves fights against robots and automated spiders that launch guided missiles.

The game has a slow start in level one enabling you to get a grip of game play which a very simple aim and fire method. So, you are perched atop the fortress of the castle and as the enemy approaches you you need to aim your arrow at them and fire. Be quick at the fire for it will take quite a few arrows to reduce the lifeline of your enemy. The life lines are prominently displayed neath the enemy and you need to get the line fully red in order to thwart the enemy.

Magical Glory

Magical Glory

Once you do get past level one you are awarded the first blood achievement and have a little money to buy your upgrades. The game show cases an array of interesting upgrades that make the game more interesting and about the first thing you will get yourself is a faster shooting upgrade. You will also want to buy a few magical spells like the lightening bolt and the fireball. This will come in handy when you are confronted by multiple enemies and the robot gun.

Another interesting upgrade is the icestrorm especially when you activate it with freezing ability and frost damage. The four levels of upgrades each have their strengthening and resilience bending factors for further upgrade. During the missile attack you might want to upgrade your fortress and strengthen its structural capabilities.

The game is especially well though out as you can handle game play with the use of a single finger on your mouse making it an ideal candidate for android play. You can catch the new release here.


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