May 30, 2015

Kebab Van – A profit simulation game

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Business Simulation Game selling Kebabs

Business Simulation Game selling Kebabs

If you want to actually have a run of the mill profit simulation for business game then you should try Kebab van a game which allows you to take control of your inventory and balance sheet as you churn out your favorite mixes of kebabs as per the customers requests.

The game has two practical control levels one is the inventory stock levels and two the kebab mix for maximizing profits. You end of day inventory in the food business is anyways wastage and cannot be carried over to the next day so you might want to watch your reorder levels during play especially at the end of the days a demand falls low.

The game has you purchasing your raw materials for the kebabs under three headings and three different market prices. To play the game you will first have to click order stock to order the raw materials that will go into your business.

Buy Options for Inventory

Buy Options for Inventory

The game dialog promptly displays the price of meat as 0.22 pounds and you can scale your order upwards to purchase the required quantity. Mind you the actual usage quantity will go in as per the customers requirements and the end benefit is getting your demand forecast right and not being stuck with an end of day inventory. So to play the game I distributed my capital which was about one hundred pounds across the three types of raw materials so as to make them cost equal. So I purchased about thirty bucks worth of each beef, chillis and salads.

Recipe Trading on Kebab Van

Recipe Trading on Kebab Van

Then I went into my marketing mix and first of all set the price point at which I would like to trade so lets say the market price of a kebab is about 3.9 pounds then I went on an added a bit of meat , chillis and salads so as to maintain a healthy profit. This part of the game is quite screwed actually cause you can end up giving your kebabs for free and not making money but it shows you a maximized profit . Must be something to do with the absolute controls of the math engine used for flash.

The other point is that when I maintained a lower inventory and hence a higher throughput of the man delivering stuff I was able to offload some of my capital purchase requirement an end up with a higher profit , true only for the food business, would not suggest it for other businesses.

New Game Launch – War of the currents

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Tesla - War Of Currents

Tesla – War Of Currents

Well here comes a game designed to make that physics class a little more interesting starring in character form Tesla all moody going in search of destroying Edison’s inventions. If you’re not in the know Tesla was the guy who actually gave us our electricity system and Thomas Alva Edison the guy who invented the light bulb and of course set in motion one of the largest companies in the world today General Electric.

The game by nsbrotherhood premiering on y9, has a musical score by Jesse Valentine and seems to be designed as a mix of a maze puzzle and point and click shooting set in very bright colors to give you that soviet Russian cosmonaut look. The objective it appears is you need to find Edisons hidden inventions and take them away to score points.


A game on physics with wars between scientists theories

The more points you score the higher levels you will bask upon and the higher your upgrades. The game sets about an adventure that lets you put together your team and thereby increase your chances of finding the hidden inventions. The game has actually been made very interesting by adding whatever comes to the imagination in level one of achievement you get to unlock the aliens that gave Edison his secrets unlock this level and you’re well on your way to unlocking the second achievement level ‘the bonfire’ ill keep that a secret for now. In the third achievement levels you will come across the great looter wherein you can actually explode some of the inventions to earn bonus points and build upon your efforts and your team.The fourth and fifth achievement give you a chance to dominate over and kill the boss you then become the master and are awarded forty five stars for the achievements. The fun actually begins when you achieve ‘Overvoltage’ handing you a weapon to stun four of your enemies at the same time.Some of the other achievements worth mentioning are Super Arsenal and Heavy Weapon. A little fun with the madman as well.


Above Average Guy – game Launch

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Above Average Guy

Above Average Guy

Those crazy game shows in Japan ranging from life sized puzzles to survival series certainly have caught on attention and this one will have you dressed in an outfit nothing less than Pinocchio looking participating in a forty three level series of puzzles performed before a wacky audience on y9, who sometimes hold the key to the puzzle.

The story of the game is that you were watching television about the game show when all of a sudden out of nowhere appears a tough looking like iron man and he’s recruiting participants for the game show. He’ll whisk you away no matter what and you will stand before the audience in some crazy weird green looking costume as you perform your jumping tricks before the audience. The host of the game show is some weird guy elevated on some kind of elevated platform the movie guys use for shooting their takes. You may want to watch for correlating movements between the hosts elevated stance and your own….for in one episode you will actually be in invisible mode and will not be able to solve the puzzle…the cue is make judgement basis the hosts movements.

The game itself is an entrapment series that will keep you puzzled as to how to get out you have three chances to skip a level what is termed as escapement else you’re stuck. Sometimes the clues are held by the game show host and you will need to activate them with the use of your chopsticks.The game controls are simplehash-wasD meaning you can use the arrow buttons to move or the same controls can be effected from the w,a,s and d buttons on your keyboard.

If you think the game is weird you should check out the youtube search for Japanese game shows and be amazed at the variety of weirdness involved.

Play Above Average Guy

Antidote- Biological Warfare Game

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Antidote Biological Warfare Game

Antidote Biological Warfare Game

Today Id like to take you through a different kind of shooting game called antidote, where in you play an antibiotic shooting at invading germs. The game is packed with upgrades and is themed on the rotating cannon, so while you are bing attacked from all sides  by germs and viruses you can only turn to the right direction and fight.

The game is simple to play but difficult to get through from level to level. The mouse click enables gun fire and  you will have to set the axis of fire as well with your mouse. What is important though are the three bars at the bottom titled Energy, Health and Shield. Every time a germ or virus hits you they break part of your intrinsic defense mechanisms and reduce your shield score. Your shield score which is initially set at fifty points is steadily reduced with every viral hit and decreases to zero, and you lose your shield. Once you lose your shield, ensuing attacks will effect your health and further viral hits will reduce your health score. Attaining a health score of zero signifies defeat and the game is over. The only way out is to turn and fight every germ and virus that attackes. The viral attacks are organised in waves at every level and the first level has three signifying waves of attacks.

The game is a scoring game and your scores and achievements are tabulated on a common leader board. Going through the leader board I did not find many entries and one reason for this could be the difficulty level of the game . Whew ! it is difficult to get past level one, it seems that the antidote should have a broader spectrum of fire because even turning to the angle of attack sometimes misses the target due to minor angular adjustments. The inter pellet attack time is also too long making the antidote weak against the onslaught. The work around to this is that you quickly have to earn enough game reward points to upgrade the stealth of your attacks. The guns inter pellet time should be upgraded from a frequency of 1/2.5 to a decent level of at least 1/4 if not 1/8.

Whats interesting is the application to bio-technology the strengthening of the gun through its inter pellet time is correlated to the dosage of the antidote and displayed as dmg. The normal gun without upgrades is capable of a dmg up to 6 and the upgraded versions are equivalent to rocket launchers and laser guns with dosages prescribed in the ranges of 30 dmg. So once you get past level one you can wipe the slate clean. Kinda corresponds to critical illnesses in patients when the battle for life and once they’re out of the ICU they make a clean comeback.

The inter pellet time is not the only vector of upgrades for starters you can try to get a better shield. This type of upgrade allows you to focus on the angle of maximum attack rather than on every germ attacking. So if you have problems in turning around the antidote bot to fight each and every germ, if that is strenuous an upgrade of shield will allow for a few privileges in terms of turning to the arc of angle that has maximum attacking germs knowing fully well the other arcs will be protected by the diminishing shield.

Colliding Fronts

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Colliding Fronts War Game

Colliding Fronts War Game

If you’re in the mood for a bit of history and tower defense gaming you got to try out Colliding fronts, a game based on world war 2. If you try the game you will see that its as simple as building towers in the right locations to thwart of attacks. However it will take a bit of strategic thinking in terms of locating your forces. You will find that the minimum value tower is the Machine Gun tower that costs about forty dollars with a range of 96 meters and a reload time of five hundred milli seconds with an attack score of twenty. The next in terms of pricing is the flame thrower , it sets enemies on fire for five seconds has a range of sixty four metres and a reload time the same as the machine gun.Then you have the attack mortar with an attack score of one hundred and fifty range of ninety six kilometers and a reload time five times greater than that of the machine gun.

While playing the game at first it seems very simple and gives you a feel for your forces and attack power, however it will take deeper insight in terms of passing level four of this ten level series. The game is further made interesting by changing the attack terrains and hence giving you a lot to think about in terms of how resources could be effectively utilized. You might find it difficult to thwart the tank attack in level four and may have to sell some of the smaller resources to buy field artillery which is very effective against silver tanks. You will also find range boosters and radars available at about three hundred dollars.

The game which is based on the German invasions of 1942 will take a bit of thought and acumen to get past level four. It features seven bunkers of differing capabilities, AA batteries and turrets. The game is supposed to have a built in  particle projectile and decal variety game engine.

The game is developed with thirteen different types of enemies and you must prepare to slay them down.The enemies range from foot soldiers,assault grunts and moves on to  panzerschreks.The  Panzer III and  Panther Tiger  are  unique Maus tanks capable of withstanding heavy artillery fire.

May 15, 2015

Arithmetic Challenge

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Arithmetic Challenge

Its quite easy to become the wolf on math street and have fun at the same time all under sixty seconds flat. If you would like to participate in a global math challenge and review your global standing in under 60 seconds, then you have to try out ‘Arithmetic Challenge’.

The colors and hues of this seemingly simple game come across as blatant and is likely to be dismissed as naive or categorized for the kindergarten. The most important aspect of this game is the challenge posed in under 60 seconds and the way to enjoy it is to compete in the international segments at all four categories and try to achieve a leadership position on the longer duration leader-board scales.

Math Leader Board

The Game comes in four basic genres ‘Addition’, ‘Subtraction’,’Multiplication’ and ‘Division’ and offers you an immediate assessment of your calculations and their results. The game has various levels to achieve in under 60 seconds. Each level is comprised of ten right answers and scoring is one point for each right answer.  Although the hierarchical order of the games presentation seems to be ‘easy’ -> ‘difficult’, you just might find a spoiler in the multiplication category….in that there are too many multiply by zero…so placing your little finger on the zero key, just might propel you to a leadership position on the Global leader board. We do hope you get about to enjoying Arithmetic Challenge….we will be leaving you with a few snapshots to get the bigger picture of the game.

The Arithmetic Challenge Score SheetThe Arithmetic Challenge Score Sheet

The Arithmetic Challenge Score Sheet

Score Board - Math Challenge

Score Board – Math Challenge

May 5, 2015

Barney – the most customization adventure game

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Barney an Adventure in customisation

Barney an Adventure in customisation

If ever you through you could master the adventures of Barney you’re in for a surprise and Im not talking about the ‘I love you you love me geek’…im talking of the fast moving action adventure game Barney that allows for level customisationa nd you can get to plays others custom level.

The game seems to start with one of those super mario gold adventure themes as you jump from pillar to post and eat all the gold coins , climbing rope and scaling ditches being careful to avoid the wild birds and bees that keep floating around. In this game you can jump on a scorpoin to reduce its life span and earn points but dont mess with the bees. Jump and upset the pots to bring the fruits right out of them or go into a neat dungeon to unravel the mysteries of a secret treasure and wait till you scale your reward points to buy your own gun then it becomes a gun fighting game.



Whats interesting about the game is that it allows you to log on and customize the levels of adventures but im not seeking that cause im too lazy so Ill just play someone else adventure customization and feel happy. I did test out the customization and it appears your details do get stored on the jadeware server, which is quite different from the y9 server where its playing at.

Game controls are quite interesting you need to jump with the arrows and move left or right if you use the top arrow to jump on a vertical rope then naturally you are climbing it and if you use it to jump on a horizontal rope you are swing from one end across to the other . The objective of the game seems to collect maximum amount of gold in order to buy upgrades and weapons that will help you scale higher in your adventure.

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