May 30, 2015

Above Average Guy – game Launch

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Above Average Guy

Above Average Guy

Those crazy game shows in Japan ranging from life sized puzzles to survival series certainly have caught on attention and this one will have you dressed in an outfit nothing less than Pinocchio looking participating in a forty three level series of puzzles performed before a wacky audience on y9, who sometimes hold the key to the puzzle.

The story of the game is that you were watching television about the game show when all of a sudden out of nowhere appears a tough looking like iron man and he’s recruiting participants for the game show. He’ll whisk you away no matter what and you will stand before the audience in some crazy weird green looking costume as you perform your jumping tricks before the audience. The host of the game show is some weird guy elevated on some kind of elevated platform the movie guys use for shooting their takes. You may want to watch for correlating movements between the hosts elevated stance and your own….for in one episode you will actually be in invisible mode and will not be able to solve the puzzle…the cue is make judgement basis the hosts movements.

The game itself is an entrapment series that will keep you puzzled as to how to get out you have three chances to skip a level what is termed as escapement else you’re stuck. Sometimes the clues are held by the game show host and you will need to activate them with the use of your chopsticks.The game controls are simplehash-wasD meaning you can use the arrow buttons to move or the same controls can be effected from the w,a,s and d buttons on your keyboard.

If you think the game is weird you should check out the youtube search for Japanese game shows and be amazed at the variety of weirdness involved.

Play Above Average Guy

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