June 8, 2015

Radio Zed Game Review

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radiozed2Imagine a scenario of a zombie apocalypse in which you are trapped and have access to only one house where all humans of the town take refuge. The house has a radio tower from which you can beacon for help but the radio waves are upsetting the zombies and they want to break in…welcome to Radio Zed, a zombie game with a difference.

The game is a shoot out with a choice of a variety of weapons, you can choose your weapons after you earned them by pressing numbers one to nine to indicate your choice. You then simply aim and fire at the oncoming zombies using your mouse and click. You can move around too using the arrow keys or a hash wasD combination. Wherein the left and right arrow keys allow you to move in the respective directions and the top arrow key allows you to jump the bottom arrow key allows you to open a door and enter another level.

Do not worry you have comrades in arms and you can control their actions by taking charge of them press F and click on a partner to take charge of him, do this with a careful judgement about the type of attack. To quickly change to the next weapon you can press the Q button and to jump to the previous weapon you can press E. Don’t forget the Radio tower is your only hope, and you cant allow the zombies to damage them. Have fun with this game.

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