July 5, 2015

Nimble Piggy Joyride Game

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Nimble Piggy Joy Ride

Nimble Piggy Joy Ride y9

The nimble piggy which its quick marching music is gonna get you firing your cannons at the evil monsters. The game themed a bit on Jack and the bean stock is organised in quick successive levels that’s pretty easy to get through and quite impressive.

This time jack has a cannon, not exactly a cannon id call a cannon but its quite alright for the theme. The method of fire power is to take your mouse cursor away from the cannon before clicking it. The first few levels are quite straightforward as you have some skeletons attacking you and some casper clones and all you have to do is fire your cannon at them repeatedly. The next few levels get a bit intuitive, as the ghosts or monsters are not vulnerable to your firepower and irrespective of how many shells you exhaust theyre not getting hit. The work around is to look around for clues. The game sports a mid game dead center dialog box that reveals the clue that the cannon is only a trigger to hit the chain that holds the giant Iron ball. Once you get that those two are done for.

Nimble Piggy Joyride Game

Nimble Piggy Joyride Game

The next few intervening levels take a course that reminds me of ‘kill em wabbits’  cause you have to arc your cannon ball past some obstacle and the only way to hit the skeleton it seems is ‘Kyosei’ the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvements…yeah keep firing and changing your angle till you get them.

What is really interesting about this game is its add on music that kind of reminds me of the Charlie Chaplin themes or the Laurel and Hardy adventures of an age gone by. When ever there is not much in it get the marching band and they will play on. The game quickly gets you to level eleven and you will be stuck with an obstacle right before your cannon while an old skeleton hangs dangerously waiting to allay you….allay you! it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, looks like one of those buccaneer tribesman slung him up and hes been hanging there since kingdom come. Anyways you gotta to do what ones gotta do to get to level twelve and you already know it by now there is a cargo hanging dangerously over its head all you have to do is shoot the chains that hold the cargo and it will fall and destroy the skeleton.

Nible Piggy Joy Ride

Nible Piggy Joy Ride

At level twelve you better be quick and shoot the chains and let the cactus fall on the monsters arriving on the scene else you will have to take them out with your bare cannon and I don’t think you stand a chance at that. Once the cactus ball falls keep shooting at it and send those monsters to the grave getting pricked by cacti.

Timing is of the essence in level thirteen else you will never get passed it. First shoot at the end of the chain that’s closest to nimble piggy then let the chain swing like a pendulum with the iron ball bomb at the end. When the ball reaches the furthest end shoot at it such that the bomb falls into the place of the green monster and bursts there taking you to the next level.

Level fourteen of nimble piggy presents you with a two balloon surprise as you have to shoot one to make for a roadway to the arriving monster and the other will let a carriage run towards it. Then you keep firing at the carriage in order to increase its momentum and it will push the monster towards the poky cactus and the monster is done for.


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