October 5, 2015

LFB – A total boy game

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Lust for bust alias LFB is one hell of a 90 seconds game

Lust for bust alias LFB is one hell of a 90 seconds game

If you have not heard of LFB then you certainly are missing something. Lust for Bust is a total childish boy game that gets you feeling like you’re in your teens and gives you a bit to reminiscence over. Lol, the game is quite simple to play but the concept will get you all thrilled and goosebumped  with the theme being ‘sneek-a-peek’   and you can have most fun as its one of the hottest games on y9.

The game developed by the B2team has you sitting in your friends home right next to his sleazy sister whose kind of luring you into the sneek trap. She keeps perking away like shes full of pride and you need to oogle at her ____ yes you guessed right 🙂



The longer you ogle at her breasts the more points you score and this game has one objective score a goal in under 65 seconds…nope actually you have about two minutes but the global best rank at this point of time is 45 seconds and if you’re able to make it to 65 you’re quite good. The best part of the game is getting busted….lmao if you’re busted you’re hit with the beer can – quite a laugh.

You can catch the old favorite of the good boys club LFB aka Lust For Bust right here.



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