November 2, 2015

Left Two Dead – Review

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Left 2 Dead Zombie Pests

Left 2 Dead Zombie Pests

Ever find yourself suddenly psychically active and available in the dead of the night? With a mild blue glow around that highlights corpses strewn on each other and a deep pit adjoining with all the creatures of hell piled on each other with a lot of tsk tsk …stuff….

Welcome to Left Two Dead a hash wasD zombie game that’s as easy as aim and shoot. The game was created by game developer Andzol and has done pretty well on the charts and is well on its way to become one of those classic Zombie games available online. One reason for this is because of its simplicity in design in both vectors of game graphics and physics engine. The game starts with you standing in the midst of nowhere, supposedly in the dead of night, and all you have with you is a pistol. With this you can turn your character in any direction and shoot at zombies out of nowhere. Shooting is a simple aim and fire and wait to reload.

In terms of upgrades the game features several interesting upgrades including two types of Shotguns, one a cheap Remington 870 replica and a variety of semi automatic machinery including an MP5, AK47, M19191, auto shotguns , rocket propelled grenades.

The game also sports a cool night vision Q stream, yeah ….simply press Q to turn on night vision. If you do have artillery grenades use the spacebar to throw them at mobs of zombies.

From a critical aspect, the game lacks depth as the end game is already known in that you are going to be overpowered at some stage and hence you’re only playing for points till survival.Serious Zombie game developers should actually go in for depth in their story line, having taken their cues from verses of various religion, developers should look for an upgrade level wherein the Zombie slayer earns enough points and reputation to be ‘one of the chosen’ to fight the great battles at the second coming.


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