December 25, 2015

Earn to Die – Review

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Well today certainly is an odd day to write up a review for a Zombie Game cause today is Christmas, however as Im not in the mood to celebrate, I might as well write a Zombie Game Review.zombinator - earn to die Everyone who has ever been frustrated with their job will agree to the phrase ‘Earn to Die’…but for a Zombie Game this just does not make sense.
The game is a very simple function of distance you achieve and zombies you terminate, which reward you points or game money which you can use to buy upgrades to make the zombie reverse holocaust more effective.

Having played about 13 runs I found the game to be very interesting at first but later to be getting a bit monotonic. You start out with a broken down Beetle look alike and keep running out of gas…however before you do, ensure to run over and smash every Zombie you come across that way you score more points…for both the zombies terminated and the distance covered…up until you run out of gas. The Game author seems to have forgotten the facts…when you run out of gas …you are stranded. However in this game miraculously, your car gets back to the workshop and ready for the next run ‘A new day ..new hope’….being the tagline. A New Day - New HopeIts a good time to say a good word about the game author ToffeeGames..certainly he is established in his principles of faith ,hope and love…however ironically even after run 13…I kept getting the same hope…c’est la vie. The least would have been to have a ‘save gameplay’ so that we could kick off right from where we left off. After Day 13 and run 13 I was able to accumulate about 500$ US and upgrade my broken down beetle to an even more broken down van. Nevertheless, going by the images I see, it is quite like life , we start nowhere and slowly keep upgrading crap until we can get somewhere…either taht or Toffee Games is going through a real tough time.

Upgrade Options
What makes the game really interesting on y9 are the upgrade options. Gees, I must say upgrading from the R16 to R18 tyres itself reminded me of my BMW Z6 guess it gets nostalgic now and then.Upgrade 1 The first day of hope gives you a little cash that enables you to upgrade the tyres, very important from the distance -traction perspective. The R18 AT’s are priced at about 20 bucks really far fetched from market realities, I recently paid 998$ for a new pair…atleast in this game you can get an R25 MT for like seventy five bucks…hmm how dreams come true…in zombie games at-least.Money Earned Ironic isn’t it? with a name like Earn to die, you don’t die until you like….run outta cash. Whats interesting is that every time you crush a Zombie with this heavy metal peice of Junk you like…earn two bucks. Current market pricing for exorcism …pays how much? Just click the button and return to the garage. This game should have been titled ‘Garage Opps’ or GTG 4.0.

The game comes in two flavours ‘Challenge Mode’ and ‘Story Mode’ with a promise that you can play challenge mode after you’ve like read up on the entire story of a ‘Black Hawk Down’ kinda setting and the navy seal needing to make his way across Zombie land….mind you the buggy in zombie land is priced at 500$ …after you get rich in zombie land you’d be able to afford a cool heavy truck for like 200K$US. In my case I’d just choose monster truck right away cause I know Mark Zuckerberg dint get rich in zombieland…allthough thats where we will all end up eventually….is that why this game is so crazy and welcoming? Anyways the game is as simple as that and will certainly let you feel relaxed if you spend five minutes on it ….like once in a life time. Leave you with some pictures…for you to get the complete picture…adios.GPS
New Hope Zombie
Thde Kill
Kill the Zombie



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