June 8, 2015

Radio Zed Game Review

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radiozed2Imagine a scenario of a zombie apocalypse in which you are trapped and have access to only one house where all humans of the town take refuge. The house has a radio tower from which you can beacon for help but the radio waves are upsetting the zombies and they want to break in…welcome to Radio Zed, a zombie game with a difference.

The game is a shoot out with a choice of a variety of weapons, you can choose your weapons after you earned them by pressing numbers one to nine to indicate your choice. You then simply aim and fire at the oncoming zombies using your mouse and click. You can move around too using the arrow keys or a hash wasD combination. Wherein the left and right arrow keys allow you to move in the respective directions and the top arrow key allows you to jump the bottom arrow key allows you to open a door and enter another level.

Do not worry you have comrades in arms and you can control their actions by taking charge of them press F and click on a partner to take charge of him, do this with a careful judgement about the type of attack. To quickly change to the next weapon you can press the Q button and to jump to the previous weapon you can press E. Don’t forget the Radio tower is your only hope, and you cant allow the zombies to damage them. Have fun with this game.


Feudalism II – Game Review

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feudalism1Meet Inga she is a shaman and warrior in the great game feudalism 2 that takes you back to the medieval struggles for power and dictatorship. Inga’s acumen with the bow and arrow is undeniable she is always armed with her pet dagger and has the ability to suppress the enemy with her black powers; ironically she can also heal herself using the realms of shamanism.

In this enchanting game you go through the historic thought processes of war that concern duels, combat and slaughter. Once you emerge yourself into the game you find that it is action packed with real traits of betrayal , slavery and deceit.

Game play is very simple use the left and right arrow keys to move forward and backward and the up and down keys to move up and down. You may also choose to assault your enemy by getting in range and striking them, use the spacebar for attack. If you like to change your armor or sorcery use the shift buttons.

In the begining of the game you will be guided by the greats swords master but thereafter you are on your own. He will show you how to place your initial attack.

The game is filled with townships that you need to conquer and take over, bringing together interesting dynamics of socio-economics as you enter the market place and the town hall. The towns also have fortresses and once you conquer them you acquire leadership over the army and can recruit more personnel.

If you’re not into shamanism you can choose to be Elizabeth the priestess of the Holy Cross or maybe Jenghis Khan, the choice is yours as this dynamic game gives you a wide variety of avatars and control points. You can also choose whether you’d like to keep receiving hints from the great swordsmaster or want to kick his butt.

The game gives you a chance to journey into the hidden battles of long ago, delving deeply into foresight and leadership bringing out the ugly aspects of betrayal and deceit for all is fair in Love and War they say…


Strafe WW2 Western Front- Game Launch

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World War Game

World War Game

Most world war games online are just that two dimensional pacman types, but not Strafe! If you want a real piece of mind boggling head thrilling piloting you must try Strafe for when you turn your flight through the enemy zone it is not plane you see turning but the whole imagery like if you actually sat in a pilot seat. The games objectives are quite simple destroy the enemy base camps, however these will set off enemy aircraft attack and you will need to be at your best performance in dog fighting and ground base camp bombing.

The game is the heroic and true story of Strafe combat forces that thwarted attacks from enemy lines in May 1940 the attacks were co-ordinated with other attacks on Lumembourg , France , Belgium and France. The German attack was to set about a precedent that will enable ground forces to invade and take control over the locations in Europe.

The game itself has a play theme to it, you need to follow the commands…so if you thought it was as simple as a suicide fly by night operation…think again. Some rounds are clear cut offensive wherein you have to bomb ground forces and attack oncoming air combat forces the others are invasion stipulated where in you have to destroy base camps but get away from offensive air combat. The game has a radar to the right screen that enables you to visualize your base camps in red and the defensive enemy combat air craft in green or white. Shooting and firing is simple press the space bar. The games objectives are either to take out and bomb base camps or supply chains or inventory of fuel or transport.

The game is made even more interesting with undisclosed surprises that are built into each level , watch out for that quick passing message that says collect gold coins etc. It will be fun.

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Valentines Special Love Ball – Game Review

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sheet1With valentines just around the corner everyone’s in the mood for love. Almost everyone, if you have not found your true love you could still indulge yourself into a cool game of Love Ball on y9. The game which has its theme centered on a rescue of your girl friend from evil pink and blue balls, will have you all wound up and asking for more.

The  game is very close in resemblance to balloon striker and has a play wherein you have to shoot a similar coloured ball to a similar colored group of balls to burst the entire group. If you layer a different color then the balloons will slowly make its way towards you and you will find it difficult to burst the groups within as the colors get fragmented. Remember three of a kind and you need to burst all balls to rescue the girl.

I thought I’d give you a first hand opinion of the game and jumped right into it. I found that at level 1 things were simple and slow as you have only five colors to mix and match. So I started the little adventure and grouped odd balls, those that woundt shoot a category or group right to the far ends. I was lucky to get the bomb ball as well, this bomb ball is a bonus that can take out any colours. All’s well that ends well was round 1, I did get the girl.

The game continuous from level to level with the same theme of the girl hanging from the balloons but the puzzles in which you have to shoot being different. If you take too long to rescue the girl, she is most upset with you so you have to finish the puzzle in quick time and shoot all the balls. One more pointer , when you do get a bomb ball try to aim for the group of balloons with the largest number of balls, yeah im using balls interchangeably with balloons but you get the pun.


Portal Wars – Review

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portal2What happens when two competing companies come together to show the world their brotherly affection and competitive spirit in a game? You get the likes of Portal Wars, a game which gives you a deeper insight into the competitive thought processes of Armour and hidden ninja two online free gaming companies. The game persee is a ninja type attack and defense game with a whacky tutorial that places you atop a browser screen background.

Game play is sophisticated and uses your ‘A’ key for awesome ninja type attacks and combination of blows….you do not need to know martial arts, just press the ‘A’ button repeatedly and you will see your little ninja making movies. The game is further spices up with various attack types, you could perform a low attack combination with the ‘S’ key and the down arrow, a ninja maneuver jump with a double top arrow., move around with yout left and right keys, a strong punch with the ‘S’  and right arrow keys and to block an attack simply press D.

The game will allow for a two player option wherein you can share the game with your friend and the two of you could battle out the Portal Wars. In this mode your reward points are valuable enough to purchase top ups and you can upgrade to Giant Mode, Got Ups Mode and God Mode.

Bloons Tower Defense – Game Review

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shhet1Bloons tower defense is a very straightforward game that presents you with a map. Part of this map is green with grass and there is a pathway. The game has different colored balloons strolling the pathway from left to right. All along the route you are allowed to build towers that will shoot at the balloons. The objective of the game is not to allow any balloons to get to the other end. You are allocated a certain amount of game money at the beginning and you have to spend it wisely on the appropriate type of towers bring the economic angle of defense into the game.

The game is itself a strategy game and has a few types of balloons that either arrive one by one or in streams of man. The first color of balloon is red that takes only one shot to burst the second is blue that only changes color in one shot and burst on the second.The yellow balloons are faster balloons and there are white ones as well.

In terms of towers you have a choice in building straight punch type monkey jabbing towers that will jab each balloon as they pass by either bursting them or changing their color. The monkey jab towers are very fast but are limited in capabilities as they take on one balloon at a time and maybe ineffective in the case of a streaming balloon attack. The monkey balloons are available at about two hundred and fifty dollars a piece when you buy them and can be sold for two hundred dollars a piece if you wish to sell a tower due to shifts in strategic or tactical planning.

The next type of tower is the tack tower that will shoot arrows in all directions making it very effective to slow down a speeding stream of balloons. However this tower faces a shortcoming in terms of reload time. You may find it beneficial to deploy these types of towers where there are curves as you get a higher mapping area for attack.

the next two types of towers go hand in glove in their operations, the first is the ice tower which will freeze a set of passing by balloons. The frozen balloons are not susceptible to damage by the towers introduced till now but a bomb tower can take out the entire group of frozen balloons. However these two types are expensive in terms of game money and cannot be used for initial deployment. Tactically you will find it better to deploy them next to each other with the bomb tower going just before and next to the ice tower. This manner of arrangement will have the set of balloons frozen as they pass by and make it easire for the bomb tower to take them out. You might want to watch the radius of activity and ensure that the bomb tower takes out as many paths as possible.

The real essence of playing the game is actually getting to deploy round after round and wave after wave and try not to allow the balloons to escape.


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jon1Here is a wonderfully animated zombie thriller in which zombies are hounding the city after a tragic chemical plant accident and all you can do is keep moving. ‘Keep Moving’ with lots of fun stuff including motels , cars shops and last but not the least the dirt road and you. This impeccable game seems to have everything built in starring Sandy the waitress, Ron the mechanic and  Larry the Axe man.

The game is designed very effectively with three control panels two at the bottom which indicate the function you can activate like getting into ou out of your car, starting the engine etc. A panel on the bottom left that shows the respective health and strength stats of the players and the one on the top right corner indicating your inventory of food, medication and other necessities crucial to survival.

The game is played in a manner of survival of the fittest, as soon as you hear of the zombie breakthrough you should leave your beer at the pub and run to your car before the zombies arrive. The zombies will thrash anything in their path and these are indicated by a small health indicator animated at the top of the respective person or thing. You can click on a particular character to take charge or you can take the whole team into controls that allow you to use your gun or medikit. When you pass by buildings loot them cause you will need supplies and no ones going to blame you in the event of a zombie attack. Take good care in collecting your utilities from looted buildings, keep an eye on the food & water tab at the top right panel and ensure you get good supplies of the. You will need scrap to repair damage caused by the zombies.

The car drive is amazing as you can control the car with the arrow buttons.In your effort to keep moving you will need to take some time out to refuel your car keep an eye on the gas panel on the top right corner. There are other top ups to help you make it through the night but it is important for you to get some sleep and rest as well so find yourself a nice secure house and reinforce its security in case of zombie attacks.

The game needs to be explored to find whereabouts in survival methods and is intriguing in terms of its features and capabilities.

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Penguin Shoot Out Z – Game Review

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penguin2One of the coolest shooting games of all time on fog categories is the Penguinz, the game that has you playing a penguin being attacked from both sides by enemy penguins, is as simple as aim and fire. What makes the game most interesting is the speed of play even at the easy levels. Each enemy penguin you drop will leave behind his legacy and his private ammunition termed ammo or health status or reward money, so you shoot out the approaching enemy penguins try to collect as much loot as possible. The game  is organised into nineteen levels wherein you face a new enemy at each level. In level two you will have to watch out for Martin the thugbird and in level four you will encounter the kamikaze suicidal penguin, firesticks in level five and other interesting characters of deceptive penguins though each level

Game play is quite simply the left and right arrow buttons to move left and right and the mouse for aiming an shooting. When you reach a dead penguins loot you will collect it automatically into your kitty , watch your health status on the control panel at the top as it is vital for you to get past the next encounter, you may want to top up your health using a loot health tab that’s fallen from the enemy penguin.

As you play the game from level to level you will find that it has built in achievements and upgrades . You may collect enough cash and upgrade to a Desert Eagle from your ordinary pistol you own, it will make taking out the enemy penguins easier. Upgrades also include a UZI, an AK47 , shotguns , MI6, Rocket Launchers , Gating guns and a chainsaw. You will also find health upgrades to ensure your lifespan.

At first glance I wanted to upgrade to an AK47 priced at about four thousand dollars because of its ability to cause sever damage to the onslaught of the rivals, but I could only afford a dessert eagle priced at about eight hundred buck and an added health top up.Once you do buy your upgrades you will need to activate them. You need to press Q or E to activate and change your weapon, as already stated your left and right arrows will move you in those directions and the top arrow will enable you to jump. One effective cheat id like to give you at this stage , it will be easier to face your enemies in one direction than to get surrounded by them. So simply choose a direction and jump over enemies , pushing yourself into a corner, then take them out as they arrive one by one or many at a time. Do remember to collect the goodies they carry and use them to your advantage. The end of each level displays your scoreboard with the respective vectors of scoring that includes number of enemy penguins killed, bullets fired and total cash earned.

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Farm Frenzy – Game Review

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aeroplaneHave you ever wondered what a day in the life of a farmer will be? Farm frenzy will put you right in the center of a farming life where in you make decisions on regular everyday farming and those will result in you owning your airplane to transport goods and a lot of wealth or you will just have to try your luck again. The game also has its hidden dangers of a bear running loose, let him run and he will destroy your farm. Be brave enough to catch him before he make you bankrupt. This game brings you all the essence of farming including its economics , its methodology and its logistics.

Level one of teh game will see you with ownership of one chicken a well and a warehouse. You will notice a lifeline under the chicken, if it starves its life line will depreciate and if it eats sufficiently its life line will stay stable and it will lay eggs. To feed the chicken you will need to click on the dry land and you will notice plants growing which will encourage chicken feed insects and the chicken will have its fill.

Notice that every time you plant a sapling some amount of money is deducted from your well.This is the power generation bill to pump the water for the plants to grow. Sodont overfeed your chicken as you have a limited supply of money and have to ensure that everything else is in balance.

Once the chicken lays an egg click on it and it will get stacked into your ware house when you reach the level goals or whenever you run out of cash feel free to click on the ware house and sell your products, don’t sell your chicken though its all youve got right now. Once you do press the sell button you will notice a truck delivering your goods to the factory in the far right corner of the game. What this means is that there is a definite time lag between you pressing the sell button and the money accruing to your account. The only thing to watch out for is that you dont run out of chicken feed for a lack of water.

Evert now and again your farm is in danger of a wild bear running madly across, you need to cage him before he causes immense damage and bankruptcy because he will kill the chickens and any other livestock on the farm. Just click on the bear multiple times until a cage is built around him then he will be stashed away in the warehouse and you can sell him to the circus for sixty dollars. The moral that you need to keep in mind during the bear episode is that you can turn adversity into fortune.

As you continue the game you will not be satisfied with your income and will want to scale up operations. Now that you have determined the important aspects of the game you can ensure your balance is crossing one hundred dollars and purchase another chicken. The produce of eggs will now double and you will be in a position to move to the next level where you can purchase an egg processing plant. Once you do attain a level of scale in your next level you will build your processing plant for one hundred and fifty dollars. You will not draw a balance between eggs and processed by products basis the going market rate that you se on your sell screen.

The game will eventually take you from level to level from upgrade to upgrade as you acquire your airplane for shipment and logistics, build your own dough factory , a curd factory and buy your own truck. While all the time keeping watch for the bear attacks as you improve your the stealth of your cage or get a better well job.

Demolition City Game Review

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demolition1Supposing you had one dynamite and had to bring down an entire building structure, with just one blast, where would you place the dynamite?

The game with a simplistic concept is a sure tease as you play the demolition engineer you has to demolish the entire structure with just one blast. Well if you want to play easy mode you can use all three dynamite sticks but if you really want to understand structural strength try it with just one dynamite stick, it will bring about an understanding of how the building rests about its pillars and what kind of shock exerts forces and the types of forces that will cause the structure to crush.

The game starts out at level one with a building of height sixty eight feet and a target demolition height of twenty eight feet. Try to take out this entire structure in just one blast. Place your dynamite stick along any of the concrete beams but you will not be allowed to place them on iron beams. Then you may press the blast button at the far bottom right and watch your building tumble. You will lose the round if you do not bring the building down to its target level, again I suggest you try levels one to three with just one stick that will get you all prepared for levels four and after.

Levels tow and three presents you with a varied structure of building heights of  sixty nine feet and ninety five respectively. Your objectives in these levels are to bring down the structure and crash them to below twenty eight feet and twenty nine feet respectively. In both levels you have three sticks but only one shot at it. It is important for you to notice the order in which the simulated blasts take place is the same as the order in which you placed the sticks. This makes visualizing the blast and the forces of cause and effect very interesting as you move the rubble through different sides in this coordinated explosion.

The game has an interesting girder at level four, recall you cant place the explosives on the girder. Placing the dynamite adjacent to the girder will only rip through the girder not causing as major a damage as a demolition requires of it, as the girder absorbs the shock of the blast. Truth be told as difficult as it may sound even level four can be played with the topple technology of trying to make the girder fall like a pack of cards. In this round the roof of the building holds an important clue to causing forces that will topple the central girder. The game becomes intense once you get around to understanding the forces at play and the timing of the blasts, I will not reveal any more spoilers and allow you to enjoy the rest of the game.

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