December 25, 2015

Earn to Die – Review

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Well today certainly is an odd day to write up a review for a Zombie Game cause today is Christmas, however as Im not in the mood to celebrate, I might as well write a Zombie Game Review.zombinator - earn to die Everyone who has ever been frustrated with their job will agree to the phrase ‘Earn to Die’…but for a Zombie Game this just does not make sense.
The game is a very simple function of distance you achieve and zombies you terminate, which reward you points or game money which you can use to buy upgrades to make the zombie reverse holocaust more effective.

Having played about 13 runs I found the game to be very interesting at first but later to be getting a bit monotonic. You start out with a broken down Beetle look alike and keep running out of gas…however before you do, ensure to run over and smash every Zombie you come across that way you score more points…for both the zombies terminated and the distance covered…up until you run out of gas. The Game author seems to have forgotten the facts…when you run out of gas …you are stranded. However in this game miraculously, your car gets back to the workshop and ready for the next run ‘A new day ..new hope’….being the tagline. A New Day - New HopeIts a good time to say a good word about the game author ToffeeGames..certainly he is established in his principles of faith ,hope and love…however ironically even after run 13…I kept getting the same hope…c’est la vie. The least would have been to have a ‘save gameplay’ so that we could kick off right from where we left off. After Day 13 and run 13 I was able to accumulate about 500$ US and upgrade my broken down beetle to an even more broken down van. Nevertheless, going by the images I see, it is quite like life , we start nowhere and slowly keep upgrading crap until we can get somewhere…either taht or Toffee Games is going through a real tough time.

Upgrade Options
What makes the game really interesting on y9 are the upgrade options. Gees, I must say upgrading from the R16 to R18 tyres itself reminded me of my BMW Z6 guess it gets nostalgic now and then.Upgrade 1 The first day of hope gives you a little cash that enables you to upgrade the tyres, very important from the distance -traction perspective. The R18 AT’s are priced at about 20 bucks really far fetched from market realities, I recently paid 998$ for a new pair…atleast in this game you can get an R25 MT for like seventy five bucks…hmm how dreams come true…in zombie games at-least.Money Earned Ironic isn’t it? with a name like Earn to die, you don’t die until you like….run outta cash. Whats interesting is that every time you crush a Zombie with this heavy metal peice of Junk you like…earn two bucks. Current market pricing for exorcism …pays how much? Just click the button and return to the garage. This game should have been titled ‘Garage Opps’ or GTG 4.0.

The game comes in two flavours ‘Challenge Mode’ and ‘Story Mode’ with a promise that you can play challenge mode after you’ve like read up on the entire story of a ‘Black Hawk Down’ kinda setting and the navy seal needing to make his way across Zombie land….mind you the buggy in zombie land is priced at 500$ …after you get rich in zombie land you’d be able to afford a cool heavy truck for like 200K$US. In my case I’d just choose monster truck right away cause I know Mark Zuckerberg dint get rich in zombieland…allthough thats where we will all end up eventually….is that why this game is so crazy and welcoming? Anyways the game is as simple as that and will certainly let you feel relaxed if you spend five minutes on it ….like once in a life time. Leave you with some pictures…for you to get the complete picture…adios.GPS
New Hope Zombie
Thde Kill
Kill the Zombie



November 2, 2015

Left Two Dead – Review

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Left 2 Dead Zombie Pests

Left 2 Dead Zombie Pests

Ever find yourself suddenly psychically active and available in the dead of the night? With a mild blue glow around that highlights corpses strewn on each other and a deep pit adjoining with all the creatures of hell piled on each other with a lot of tsk tsk …stuff….

Welcome to Left Two Dead a hash wasD zombie game that’s as easy as aim and shoot. The game was created by game developer Andzol and has done pretty well on the charts and is well on its way to become one of those classic Zombie games available online. One reason for this is because of its simplicity in design in both vectors of game graphics and physics engine. The game starts with you standing in the midst of nowhere, supposedly in the dead of night, and all you have with you is a pistol. With this you can turn your character in any direction and shoot at zombies out of nowhere. Shooting is a simple aim and fire and wait to reload.

In terms of upgrades the game features several interesting upgrades including two types of Shotguns, one a cheap Remington 870 replica and a variety of semi automatic machinery including an MP5, AK47, M19191, auto shotguns , rocket propelled grenades.

The game also sports a cool night vision Q stream, yeah ….simply press Q to turn on night vision. If you do have artillery grenades use the spacebar to throw them at mobs of zombies.

From a critical aspect, the game lacks depth as the end game is already known in that you are going to be overpowered at some stage and hence you’re only playing for points till survival.Serious Zombie game developers should actually go in for depth in their story line, having taken their cues from verses of various religion, developers should look for an upgrade level wherein the Zombie slayer earns enough points and reputation to be ‘one of the chosen’ to fight the great battles at the second coming.

June 8, 2015

Cover Orange Game Walkthrough

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coverorangeCover Orange is a fascinating and intriguing game sporting an orange that needs to be protected from the weather. The game will have you scratching your head as you dig deeper for clues in how to arrange the barrels and turn the wheels in order to cover the orange from the passing black cloud. If the orange is exposed it will deteriorate and you will lose the level.

Game play is quiet simple a drag and drop type as you are handed barrels , boxes and wheels that have to be dropped from a height. The intriguing part is where to drop it, as you will need to form a cover and this sometimes means getting the object to interact with another object in such a way that the orange is covered.

Level one of the game is straightforward, you see the orange in between two barrels and all you have to do is drop the crate over the barrels and its covered, you move on to level two. In level two you will have to drag teh barrel a bit so that it can be made into pillars on which you drop the crate like in level one, very straightforward.

Level three and up will be gripping as you take on different arrangements and puzzles. You will find the orange in between two gear cogs, drop the crate right over the orange and it will tilt a bit to form an effective cover. Level four will have your orange slowly turning on a plank and you will be handed a wheel. The trick is to use the plank and its fulcrum to catapult the orange onto the vertical plank and get it safely in between the barrels so that it may be covered. To do this drop the wheel on the other side of the plan.

I thought I’d leave you to solve level five on your own, but it its a bit tricky always feel free to refer back to this hint. The hint is lift the wheel right in between the oranges and drop it. Then have two crates bracketed in the angular brackets at the left and right. The spoiler to level six is drop the wheel right over the right hand side angle and it will collapse to cover the orange on the right. The wheel will then roll over to the left and strike the left hand side orange before falling through the gap. The momentum transferred from the wheel will have the orange on the left hitting an angular bracket and effectively covering itself.

Once you do get the hang of it, you will discern that the game is all about moving the orange to safety and in this melee it will mean using forces, momentum and fulcrums.

3D Car Racing Deluxe Vs. Super Car Road Trip

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buggyracing13D Car racing Deluxe is an awesome and straight forward car racing game in which the game controls are a straightforward hash #wasd or arrow button controls. The top arrow being to accelerate and the bottom one to decelerate always an old timer. But now with the introduction of Super Car road trip last week things may see a change on the analytics front. I’m expecting the Super Car Road trip to do better because you can have a better control over the car simply because of the macro map view that it provides. Secondly the Super Car Road trip gives you a choice in circuits and upgrade able circuits as well.

sheet1All said and done NASCAR racing is NASCAR racing and thats what 3D Car Racing is all about sets about a three dimensional space where getting control of your NASCAR is all about skill and going the whole hog. Further the 3D Super Car Road trip has this awesome speed gauge that gives you a feeling that you’re actually stepping on the gas. The end lap stats are more sophisticated providing you with your lap number, lap time and total time. It also provides a Best Lap time benchmark so that you can push your performance . Carbashing and overtaking is more realistic in the 3D Car Racing version but its backdrop of red is very 1980’s in effect. Further it is really difficult to steer while simultaneously hitting the pedal, maybe it needs better radials lol.

generating track

A kickboxing adventure game

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A kickboxing adventure having you throw your favorite thrust kick the fumi komi yoko geri and the round hose kick aka mae wa ki geri, if you like kick boxing you’re gonna love karate blazers. In this game you can choose to be up to four character avatar types including Mark ‘The Nomadic Mercenary’ , Akira the passionate ninja, Glen the invincible wrestler, Gil the mysterious fighter who wants justice to win.

Kickboxing Street

Kickboxing Street

Game controls are very simple pressing ‘X’ will throw a round house kick and pressing ‘C’ will throw a full thrust jump kick. The buttons are next to each other on the keyboard making your gameplay very simple. Pressing ‘X’ multiple times will throw a slew of fighting techniques including hammer punches and side kicks. The controls to move your character are a simple #wasD or arrow buttons. Once you face objects like crates kick it and burst em , if you come across an object like a map or certificate press ‘X’ to pick it up.

Diving into level one with the avatar type Glen I faced the enemy hooligans hiding behind crates. I kicked the crates and moved my character to get it in line with the next crate using my down arrow key destroying the crates and exposing the thugs to a venomous fight. At this time I was being surrounded and used a quick slurry of round house kicks in both directions using my left and right arrow keys in combination with the ‘X’ key. You may find it wise to avoid the drop kicks as it takes a bit longer to execute and when you are surrounded it is always better to be quick with your defense on all sides. Soon I earned my title and picked it up using the ‘X’ key at this point I was awarded about thirty three credits. Stage two of the game will have you surrounded by hooligans about eight or nine of them, it will be wise o move around and line them up continuously while knocking them silly one by one. Foot work is very important to get past this stage of the game. Take care to use your foot work in the up and down direction more than in the left and right direction as it appears these thugs do not know the art of side stepping and feinting.

The game gives you a 1980 look and feel especially with its ‘insert coins’ instead of Play game button, No coins to be inserted here simply press the insert coins button and enjoy your free kick boxing game.

Ice breaker – Game Review

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icebreakerTake a trip into Viking adventures into the ice age with ice breaker a clean cut and slide game. The game by Markus & Chris  is a voyage into the viking conquerors world made in flash and available for free on y9. The game explores the adventures of  a brave hero  who is on a  voyage to rescue fellow vikings ensnared and frozen in the great artic glaciers.

Game play is very easy at first enabling you to glide with it and then works to starts off into tricky quizzical situations wherein you have to dig the math library of your brain to get the geometry of the curve right so that the momentum obtained by the sliding iceberg will make the block fall into your boat.

The challenges this game posses are few one being rescuing your fellow mates and the other managing how you stack them in your boat so your boat does not sink at a level. The game also incorporates a bit of mystical magic in terms of its hand of God upgrade that allows you to rescue all the fellow viking with a simple call to the HoG feature…which certainly is a one time event. Some of the hints in terms of trapped vikings and how to rescue them are encrypted in the gossip that goes on between the rescued Vikings. So this is ice breaker in a nutshell if you really want to understand the game and get a feel for it then the taste of the pudding is in the eating or so they say, so delve into it and break some ice.


June 7, 2015


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Today I thought I’d discuss one of my favorite games called ‘Peon’, in fact I’d just like to straight off jump right into the second edition subtitled ‘Revenge of An Orc Slave’ on y9raw3 a game by Abianchi, whose quite acclaimed for his previous titles in the fantasy war genre including the likes of ‘The Key Master’, ClanWars2 Red Reign and Beast Hunter.

Peon is set on a story line of a captured Orc, who was humiliated with the usual rigmarole of humiliation, pain and depression attached…however jumping right into the plot of the game it all leads to ‘Revenge’ .
raw1To introduce you to the controls , I’d start off with ‘Ramming’ just to bring out the subtle complexities the developers have added to the game….they wanted to provide a unique ninja move to be used in fighting multiple enemies whilst being surrounded from all sides. So …if you run in both directions and jump and attack with an axe whilst executing a long jump you will perform a special maneouver called ramming. Hmmm…dudes you could have just given em an R button and they’d Ram all right. The controls are simple arrow keys for movements along the two axes, C for Jump and Z for attack…..now you see what they’re aiming at ….they just want you to mess up ur keyboard……a game made for officer goers and typists…
The Game sports an international leaderboard at all three levels easy meds and hard. It is easy for you to make a name for yourself…simply by screwing up your keyboard.
So, I do hope you like Peon and are quite entertained by the story of his life…..psst. its our secret.

Sixteen Degrees Plazma Burst

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16 Degrees Plazma Burst

16 Degrees Plazma Burst

If you’re in the mood for a lately released retro game, Eric Guhrts Plazma Burst is one that could provide a measure of violence & Bloodshed…if you are blue blooded, all the action right here on y9..

Plazma Burst

Plazma Burst

Eric Gurht the game maker kinda switched off after this episode…   The game is very easy to play , but what makes it interesting is your thirst for blood , violence and dismemberment…Gurht has placed controls for every sadists level of thirst. The Mission is not impossible ,  built on the age old invincible save your race theme….Gurht psst….heres a secret ….make a game about lgbt…hear the faggots are threatening our race.LOL.

Have you heard of orkut…started off as a community …they called it social media….today its an lgbt flag. Try stating these lines on orkut and you’ll get admonished in like twenty two minutes. They hire Brazilian she dolls to work for Larry whats his name? …hey, what is it they’re fighting for…..in the good old days , like Plazma Burst …it was industrial strength …like secrets and spies and stuff…yeah , those were the days of wine and roses….these days they’re like fBuror rights….the right to get stuffed.

getting fired

getting fired

Bursting back, to plazma burst a blast from the past, the controls are quite simple , the left arrow takes you left the right arrow takes you right and the shift button is to croutch, yeah with a ‘u’. So in this 1969, episode depicting Russia (psst. Gurth is Ukranian btw) the kasparov and the kremlin, its a very straight game….no wonder putin looks like James Bond III.

Some more stuff you may be interested in, the game comes with a points and money system of credits with and Adam Smithsonian theory as well, ‘you have money you can buy’ game money that is, its all free in the world of gaming …go ahead get yourself a streaking electro shock shotgun and have a camera fixed in your helmet as well, comes in handy after your ski crash…why not just crash your car in the grandprix….

Plazma Burst Ammunition

Plazma Burst Ammunition

In Plazma Burst, like any normal Ukrainian dude you start off with a pistol, in the us its a bit more sophisticated …ask snoop doggy dog…nevertheless, like in any universe’s global economic foundry, the base line currency is always the US dollar. Thereafter you have the options of a rifle (1942 a war story) a shotgun (like how nana shot sally at the mall), rocket launchers and the cannon. I’m going to leave you with some screen shots of Blast to the past…feel free to check out the game here.

Play Game











Y9: An Introduction to Madville – New Game Review

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Madville game review

As all good things must come to an end  so must sanity, as desperate times calls for insane measures, Umut Dervis has brought us a like minded game with very realistic creatures of schizophrenia and the good news that we can fight them as well all on y9. In madville you get to relive the life of a schizophrenic in the asylum and understand why he ended up in a straight jacket. The controls are the simple #wasD, but the creatures are detrimental to your mental state of being stated. The game which is sure of being the heart throb of all folks on the experienceproject is just released and a lot of rock stars had good things to say about it…..Tom Petty of the heartbreakers says “Well you dont know how it feels to be me….I had my last dance with Mary Jane wearing Mary Janes  in madville”.

Being an ardent player myself I played all nine levels on y9 before writing this piece and found that it is indeed very realistic…form my perspective.  It  even has a cake…and you cant eat it…but u can shoot at it…heard of fruit cake?madville00553 The game has achievement levels built in and comes as first contact level 1 – 4, Junkyard levels 5 – 9 and Showdown levels 10 -14. With a very edgy finger I simply pointed and shot around the clock…was not really interested in the author’s story line of alien invasions but I do believe the monsters of the schizophrenic have a realistic dimension.

The game starts with a story of an asylum and a very lycan like red moon ‘viva la lune’ as two stonetemplepilots sleep next to each other and mutter their stories in very sane lingo…and of course psychically transmit images to each other…it was new years eve and he was watching tv peacefully….yeah that’s where it all starts depressing stuff….the lonely #9 club stuff with creatures entering our world…and he thought he was Jesus Christ , needing to save the world…for it is written ‘the young will have visions’. The game is action packed with achievements and upgrades you even get cake.



The controls are quite simple with a #wasD or use your arrow keys to move along the two dimensions and a spacebar to pick up bonuses. Firing is simple with a left mouse click….while you increase your reward points and money earned you might want to watch your health indicators.The game comes in three quality factors as well for low internet connections , if you want to activate the lower speeds connectivity game exit the game and choose your graphics quality. In the first few levels the guy moves like freddy mercury….only in one direction…you need power ups to get him to turn around….till then you can do the left jab. Play Game



Truck Wars – New Game Review

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Truck WarsTruck Wars is a nice happy game about a truck race right? …wrong! …Truck wars is the illegal underground world of dirty truck racing with chain saws and competitor destroyers et al. Level 1 of the game is the simplest race against  trucks on a mountainous track. However at level two your competitor is singled out cause you have to be mean and destroy your competition by exploding the truck . The way this is done is to drive alongside them and deploy a crate or a chainsaw and sabotage their race. Front flips give you nitro points and back flips get you reward points. Level three has you escaping from the cops, who are themselves in a chain wheel truck, you will find that it becomes really interesting that you need more traction to pull away from the cops and the way this is achieved is to shift the weight to the front tires in the upscale of the slopes and move them backwards to the rear during down slopes. You will find the truck design is responsive to your arrow click and your elimination is quite dirty with the X buttons.

wheelie2Game play is simple a hash wasD type where you use the top arrow key for acceleration and the bottom one for deceleration the side arrows being for balance. Nitro gas is won if you perform a front flip …gain some traction on an up slope press the z key and achieve a decent height whilst simultaneously deploying the front arrow key to twirl the truck forward…beware don’t explode your truck.

The game is an action packed 24 level entertainer and has powerful  upgrades in terms of weapons and engine power , you can also get a custom design for your truck with reward points. The ingame upgrades offers extensive options in terms of vinyls for your truck you start out with a star but soon can earn the vinyl of your choice and be the proud owner of your power truck. You can also have an exquisite paint job performed on your monster truck and if that wasn’t enough you can choose from an array of armor and weapons including chain saws and crane saws. Personally , I prefer chain tires for extra traction but if you score enough reward points you can get yourself metal studded monster tires or even thorny tires.

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