February 19, 2014

Death lab – new game launch

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Death Labs is a game of shooting and solving mental puzzles

Death Labs is a game of shooting and solving tactical puzzles

The new game launched last week that has skyrocketed the stats of Japanese Youth and those who love morbid stuff, is Death Labs. A game that will have you using your mind to shoot through puzzling situations while drowning your opponents in acid and mortar and what not!

If you wish to have a morbidly  gore experience of action packed shooting and sniper attacks in mind-boggling puzzling encounters then you should not miss Death lab, the game that in the first few levels walks you through its deadliness introducing you to the sniper head-shot, the grenade blow ups and Molotov fire attacks. Then level four takes you to the tesla fire power which penetrates double and triple head-shots. Level five has you tactically firing at the glass bottom of the acid container as the acid leaks all over and burns your assailants who dance to their death.

The game which has a 3777 story line, has a theme of the arm of saving that unlocks prisoner #17 who is kept in a human testing laboratory. The prisoner uses the code to unlock weapons and then he’s on a vengeance pitch. The first few levels are quite simple as it is designed to hand hold you to get a grip of the game. Once you’ve earned enough game money you are handed your missions that need to be achieved no matter what. You may buy yourself upgrades and these are varied and come by in terms of ricochets, tracers, patrons , Molotov and Tesla. After level six you’ve passed the tutorial and are ready to combat in real.

death labs

Angle of incidence for a ricochet head shot

Game play is simply the subset of what has been thought hash wasD to move and aim and fire you can choose your weapons and use them effectively,diluting your enemies without diluting your strategy.

From level seven onward, your missions  are displayed in the upper control panel and if achieved  you score bonuses.You also score bonuses for intuitive destruction while minimizing the use of ammunition… So in level seven it goes that you have to use three shots to kill three opponents and that will give you one hundred dollars in game money the secondary point is to achieve three deaths with three grenades and that will give you another one hundred and fifty in game money.

Strategy of the game becomes interesting  from level ten upward as you co-ordinate your tactical abilities with the environment and the mission, for example level ten presents you with four soldiers placed particularly around an acid tank and only if you get the weaponry right and the shot right can you take out all four soldiers with just one ricochet shot.

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Ammunition Upgrades

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